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Savas Beatie Teams up with Olive Software to Release an Enhanced
 Interactive Digital Edition of the Civil War Bestseller
 Richmond Redeemed for 150th Anniversary!

by Sarah Keeney, Marketing Director, Savas Beatie LLC
Thursday, September 11, 2014

El Dorado Hills, CA, September 11, 2014—Savas Beatie is pleased to announce the release of a universally viewable “enhanced” interactive ebook of Richmond Redeemed: The Siege at Petersburg, by Dr. Richard Sommers. This special edition utilizes Olive’s SmartLayers™ technology to include substantial extra content written, collected, and organized by the author during the three decades since its original 1981 release.

Savas Beatie, a leader in independent military and general history book publishing and America’s most dynamic and influential Civil War publisher, has produced a long and steady stream of award-winning titles and national book club selections. The release of this enhanced ebook coincides with the publication of a revised and updated print edition of Dr. Sommers’ influential award-winning book.

“We are excited to offer this special edition,” explained Theodore P. Savas, the managing director of Savas Beatie. “This remarkable digital edition offers scores of icons and links representing photos, further reading on related subjects, videos, and, most important of all,” continued Savas, “original author marginalia in the form of dozens of comments, assessments, and additional insights and information keyed to specific personalities, combat, tactics, and decision-making. Every reader of the Civil War is going to be stunned by both the presentation and the staggering amount of information in this book.”

“Olive Software is pleased to launch its innovative SmartLayers content enrichment service with Savas Beatie. We believe SmartLayers represents a terrific platform for publishers to create premium editions of their static ebooks and turn them into highly engaging, dynamic products. The Savas Beatie team has done just that with their SmartLayers-enabled edition of Richmond Redeemed,” said Joe Wikert, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Olive Software, Inc.

Wikert continued, “Author Richard Sommers is also to be highly commended for this effort; he leverages SmartLayers to provide readers with access to much more information than can be found in the standard ebook or print edition.”

Richmond Redeemed author and Senior Historian Emeritus of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center Richard Sommers said that the enhancements afford readers “a fuller, wider, deeper, and richer understanding of the crucial operations in the Siege of Petersburg.”

This enhanced ebook is available to Military and History Book Club Members for the special low price of just $4.99 during the month of September with the purchase of the print edition. It will be sold to the general public at the regular retail price of $19.95 starting October 1, 2014. No third-party app or particular e-reader device is required to view this ebook. The content is designed to be read on any device with a modern web browser, and automatically updated with every author addition in the future. The viewing platform also has note-taking capabilities, bookmarking, enhanced search capabilities, and other digital book features. Watch a short demonstration video here: http://tinyurl.com/lptfbqr

Savas Beatie LLC is a leading independent military and general history publishing company. For more information visit: www.savasbeatie.com

Olive Software, Inc. was founded in 2000 and developed an innovative, intelligent content processing technology making publications available in an accessible, reusable and enriched XML format, eliminating the need for dedicated production systems, manual tagging, cumbersome workflows and specialty front-end applications. Olive has numerous patents in the field of intelligent content processing and parallel computing and is a market leader in digital content enrichment and content conversion services. Olive has customers in nineteen countries, produces hundreds of publications, and has digitized millions of historical archive pages. For more information, visit: www.olivesoftware.com

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