An Interview with The Ultimate Marine Recruit Training Guidebook: A Drill Instructor’s Strategies and Tactics for Success author Nick Popaditch

The Ultimate Marine Recruit Training Guidebook is a comprehensive, practical, and easy-to-follow guide written specifically for every new or prospective recruit about to enter Marine recruit training. This new book brings together Nick Popaditch’s nearly 16 years of Marine Corps expertise. Mr. Popaditch recently discussed his upcoming book with publisher Savas Beatie LLC.

: Why would someone want to join Marine Recruit Training?

NP: It is a win-win scenario. The things young men and women learn in the Marine Corps will help them be successful at anything they do in life. It is the most difficult branch of our military. There are easier choices someone could make than to be a marine recruit but the rewards of being a marine are immense. The character gained in recruit training will be with these men and women their entire lives.

: What should a new marine recruit expect when they first join?

NP: They should expect challenge and difficulty. They will get no praise and nothing is handed to them. They will earn everything in the Corps, but learning how to earn things for oneself is the reward and is part of the training.

: What are some examples of how to prepare as a recruit that you incorporated into The Ultimate Marine Recruit Training Guidebook?

NP: Mostly mental preparation. I incorporated how to understand the different elements of how character is built. Character building is something few experience in the civilian world and it can be very confusing to a young man or woman. The Ultimate Marine Recruit Training Guidebook explains the “why” when in many cases the “why” will not be obvious or easily recognized. The book prepares recruits mentally to be receptive to the training. There is also a physical portion to the book that prepares a recruit’s body for the training. In both cases the book prepares the mind and body for the training and prevents new recruits from breaking down during training.

: How did you prepare for Marine Recruit Training before you joined?

NP: I listened to things my recruiter told me, but I didn’t have a book like this. When I got there, there were little bits of knowledge thrown at me and the ones that helped me succeed are the ones I put in the book.

: Why did you decide to write The Ultimate Marine Recruit Training Guidebook on this particular topic?

NP: I wrote it to assist young Americans and pass on advice that I had heard. When I went to recruit training there were things that I heard that helped me out and I wanted to be sure that every potential recruit heard those same things. As a drill instructor I gained a lot of knowledge on how to train recruits and I wanted these young Americans to benefit from this knowledge. Most importantly, in today’s society any young man or woman who decides to join the Marine Corps is serving their country and I want to do all I can to assist them to be successful.

: Where did you get the idea for The Ultimate Marine Recruit Training Guidebook?

NP: There are other books out there for other branches of the military such as The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook by Mike Volkin and since the Marine Corps is the most difficult branch of the military I thought we should most certainly have one.

: What are some features of The Ultimate Marine Recruit Training Guidebook that you think readers will really enjoy?

NP: I think they will enjoy that it is not just a workout book but also a mental workout book that includes physical training tips. The Marine Corps is going to challenge the mind more than the body. Most people think that the Marine Corps is about push-ups and sit-ups, but it is much more about mental preparation.

: What do you want your readers to learn from The Ultimate Marine Recruit Training Guidebook?

NP: How character is built. They learn Corps values and how to solve a moral dilemma which is how to come to the right decision in any given situation. It is teaching how to think your way through any problem because frequently there are many right and wrong answers.

: Thank you for your time, we appreciate it.

NP: You’re welcome.

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