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Chris Mackowski is a professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at St. Bonaventure University in Allegany, New York. He also works as a historian with the National Park Service at Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park, where he gives tours at four major Civil War battlefields (Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, and Spotsylvania), as well as at the building where Stonewall Jackson died. He’s the author of books on the battles of Chancellorsville and the Wilderness, and his writing has appeared in several national magazines. He blogs regularly for Scholars and Rogues.

Mackowski and White are longtime friends and have co-authored several books together, including The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson and Simply Murder: The Battle of Fredericksburg, along with monograph-length articles on the battle of Spotsylvania for Blue & Gray. They have also written for Civil War Times, America’s Civil War, and Hallowed Ground. They are co-founders of the blog, Emerging Civil War.