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J. David Petruzzi is a noted American Civil War cavalry historian and author. Petruzzi wrote the historical text for one of the U.S. Army's recruiting pieces for modern armored and air cavalry. He has instructed U.S. soldiers and soldiers of various nations on Civil War era battlefield tactics and their application to modern maneuvers.

An insurance broker in Brockway, Pennsylvania, Plenty of Blame to Go Around is Petruzzi's first published book. He is the author of many magazine articles on Civil War cavalry topics, notably for America's Civil War, Civil War Times Illustrated, The Gettysburg Magazine, Blue&Gray, and North&South. With Eric Wittenberg and Michael Nugent, Petruzzi co-authored One Continuous Fight: The Retreat From Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863, released in May 2008.

Petruzzi is a popular speaker at Civil War Roundtables and related conferences, conducts living history programs as a Civil War cavalry officer, and gives detailed tours of battlefields and related sites. A reenactor for many years, Petruzzi has appeared as a main character in two Civil War documentary movies. Petruzzi is a partner in, and the Marketing Director for, Ironclad Publishing Inc. He maintains a blog and a website.

Visit J. David Petruzzi's website for his book Plenty of Blame to Go Around here.