NASCAR is the second title in the new Sports by the Numbers series. Sarah Keeney of Savas Beatie LLC recently interviewed co-author Daniel Brush about their unique book concept and those diehard NASCAR fans!

: Hi Dan. The format you and co-authors David Horne and Marc Maxwell use in the Sports by the Numbers™ books really makes them stand out from other sports books on the market. Can you talk about the NASCAR book’s format?

Dan: Thanks, we think so too. Like the rest of the Sports by the Numbers™ Series, the format of our NASCAR book makes it unique. Each of the ten chapters in the book contains 100 numbers and 100 stories—a fact, a piece of trivia, a record, a legendary episode—that has something to do with that number. For example, numbers 1 through 100 are in Chapter 1, numbers 101 to 200 in Chapter 2, and so on. We think we’ve found a unique way to present a lot of fascinating sports information to fans. These numbers paint a picture for the fans, one that tells a much bigger story than one might think.

: And what about the book’s interactive portion?

Dan: The interactive piece, where fans can get more information on our favorite numbers through the Sports by the Numbers™ website, is a great way to share more with the fans. We expand upon some of our favorite entries in the book with information on our website that we couldn’t fit in the book, while still keeping the easy-to-read short entry format for each number. Finally, we are working on posting our favorite numbers each week for each of our titles and incorporating a blog on the SBTN website in order to keep on sharing our thoughts throughout the season while interacting with all of the NASCAR fans who visit our website. It brings all of us together to keep the stories flowing.

: Why do you think NASCAR fan will love these numbers and how you present the information?

Dan: If you love NASCAR, you’ve got to love numbers and these numbers tell a story. Most stats out there give you information like season point standings, victories, poles, average speeds, and margin of victory in any given race. Those are all very important bits of information for NASCAR fans, but we tell more. We talk about those numbers and do so in a bit more depth, but we also tell stories that you don’t necessarily find in the sports page. We tell stories about dedication, love of the sport, friendship and compassion. We have tried to capture more . . . we have tried to capture the heart of NASCAR.

: How do you think this book will be received?

Dan: Every writer wants his book to be well received and liked by the people who read it . . . we are no different. We know that there is no way to tell the whole story of NASCAR in one book. We know that there is so much more out there that we can only capture a glimpse of NASCAR history. But, we put our hearts and souls into writing this book with NASCAR fans in mind, and giving them the information we ourselves loved absorbing about NASCAR. We truly believe that NASCAR fans, both seasoned and new, will find this book to be a great read.

: I know Monte Dutton wrote the Foreword to your NASCAR title. What was it like to receive endorsement from such a popular NASCAR sports writer?

Dan: Wow! What an honor it was to have Monte write the Foreword. He is as good as they come when it comes to covering NASCAR. He knows NASCAR like the back of his hand and understands the importance of the stories that numbers tell. We were thrilled that he thought enough of our effort to pen the foreword.

: Did you learn anything surprising in gathering these facts?

Dan: (Laughing) We learned that just when we thought we were NASCAR experts, we found out that we were really just students. NASCAR is a passion and those who follow it do so passionately. We are no different. But we found so many interesting stories researching these numbers, things we didn’t know, that we felt like rookies at times. Writing this book and incorporating all our newly-found information into it taught us so much and made us appreciate the storied history of NASCAR. It was awesome.

: Well, thanks for all your work gathering these facts. I know NASCAR fans will love the material.

Dan: Thanks, we hope so.

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