Praise for A Little Short of Boats

". . . a thorough and well-told account of this trafic and politically charged period in history."

– SciTech Book News, December 2011

"Kudos to Savas Beatie for producing a physically beautiful book . . . A Little Short of Boats will appeal especially to readers interested in tactical battle studies. This reviewer recommends it enthusiastically."

– C. Michael Harrington, Civil War News

"A Little Short of Boats by James Morgan, III is an excellent analysis and description of two of the war's earliest battles -- the Battles of Ball's Bluff and Edwards Ferry."

– Jeff Grim, Collected Miscellany

"A Little Short of Boats examines the entire military engagement in meticulous, heavily researched detail, and is an excellent addition to Civil War military history shelves and college library collections."

– James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

"The author writes in a direct descriptive prose that is clear, informative, and very readable. Maps and illustrations are in the right places and easy to follow. Having the 2004 edition on your shelf is not a reason to ignore this book."

– Jim Durney, Suncoast Civil War Roundtable

"Jim Morgan is a masterful writer and military historian. This revised and expanded edition is the definitive account of Ball’s Bluff. His excellent tactical analysis has been augmented with more firsthand accounts, many previously unpublished, that make a good work even better. Readers of the original edition will definitely want to read this updated version. Those who do not own Morgan’s battle study need to have it on their bookshelves. This is Civil War history at its best."

– Ted Alexander, Antietam National Battlefield

"Together with the many maps, photos, sketches, and the battlefield tour included, Morgan visually develops the elusive story of Ball’s Bluff and Edwards Ferry as an unfolding mystery that will surely lure the reader to the site to ponder its many questions."

– Rich Gillespie, Director of Education, Mosby Heritage Area

"A good read for anyone interested in the Civil War, and an important one for students of the war in Virginia."

– Al Nofi, New York Military Affairs Symposium and Strategy Page