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Praise for The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook

"This book is a must read for anyone considering joining the military."


"The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook is indispensable for anyone planning on joining the military."

- Military Magazine

"Don't leave for Basic Training without this book in your pocket."

- Major General Robert J, Brandt, AUS

"Itís like having your own personal Drill Sergeant, without the yelling!"

- R. Schumann, Officer Candidate CAANG

"This book makes a difficult experience an enjoyable one"

- Staff Sergeant G. Peltier

"To be the ultimate soldier, you need The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook. The best basic training book Iíve seen in my 26 years of service."

- First Sergeant R. Casiano

"This is the most informative and detailed book about Basic Training; a must-read for all new recruits and soldiers!"

- E. Herzog, Company Commander

"I purchased this book for my son who claimed it demystified the whole Basic Training experience."

- B. Scanlon, mother

"Anyone contemplating going through basic training would do themselves a favor to study this book thoroughly before they arrive."

- Jug Varner, military reviewer,

"This should be required reading for any recruit."


"When you read this book, my job to mold soldiers into a well disciplined fighting force will be a lot easier!"

- Senior Drill Sergeant J. Seno