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Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Drill Sergeants: The Mental Game

Chapter 2. Fitness

Chapter 3. Prepare Yourself Early

Chapter 4. Phases

Chapter 5. Reception

Chapter 6. Battle Buddies

Chapter 7. The Gas Chamber

Chapter 8. Schedule Breakdown

Chapter 9. Day 1

Chapter 10. Make the Most of Your Meals

Chapter 11. Dress Faster than Superman

Chapter 12. How to . . .

Chapter 13. Study Guide

Chapter 14. What do I Take with me to Basic Training?

Chapter 15. Top 15 Most Common "Do Not's" for Recruits

Chapter 16. Interview with a Drill Sergeant

Chapter 17. Tips for Success

Chapter 18. Changes

Chapter 19. Frequently Asked Questions

Conclusion: Read this Book Again

Appendix 1: Army Physical Fitness Training Charts

Appendix 2: Workout Logs

Appendix 3: Acronyms and Terms