Praise for Confederate General William “Extra Billy” Smith

"Scott Mingus' biography fills an important niche. . . . It's hard to escape the magnetic charm, the vim and the showmanship of Extra Billy, even 126 years later."

- America's Civil War Magazine

“Biographer Scott Mingus has certainly captured the charisma of his subject.”

- The Civil War Monitor

"This is a masterfully written book. Mingus has a way with words and his books are quick to read which is a blessing and a curse. The curse being you don't want it to end. The book is loaded with illustrations and has a full complement of 14 maps created by Hal Jespersen. As with any Savas Beatie title the book quality itself is superb. This is a book that should be on the shelves of any Civil War library. Highly recommended!"

- Confederate Book Review

“The life of William “Extra Billy” Smith is just as interesting as many better-known Civil War personalities, but the man who served as Virginia’s governor and a Confederate senator has been ignored by history. Scott Mingus, one of today’s most talented authors, remedies this oversight with an engaging and often humorous biography of one of the oldest generals in the Confederate army. This deeply-researched and well written study will elevate Smith’s memory and place in history to the prominence it deserves.”

- J. David Petruzzi, author of The Complete Gettysburg Guide

“An outstanding work on one of the little known but much maligned generals in the Army of Northern Virginia. Scott Mingus’s research on the Gettysburg controversy and Smith’s performance is the best. He has also brought together the most information on an excellent brigade of Virginia regiments who fought from Bull Run to Appomattox.”

- Robert J. Driver, Jr, author of 52nd Virginia Infantry

“Scott Mingus has written an engaging and well researched biography of a colorful character of the Confederacy. This book is sure to be a classic.”

- Ted Alexander, Chief Historian, Antietam National Battlefield and the author of The Battle of Antietam: The Bloodiest Day

“'Extra Billy' Smith is one of those Nineteenth Century larger than life personalities. Scott L. Mingus Sr. does justice to his life in an enjoyable and very readable book.”

- Jim Durney, Suncoast Civil War Roundtable

"Mingus has done a remarkable service to his subject and to his readers."

- Paul Hemphill, author of Gettysburg Lessons

"One of the most well written biographies on a character in the Civil War. . . . [Billy Smith is a] scandalous person who could easily give Daniel Sickles a run for his money."

- Matthew Bartlett,