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Chicago's Battery Boys - Reading Guide

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The Chicago Mercantile Battery in the Civil War's Western Theater

Richard Brady Williams

Format: Hardcover, 636 pages
Price: $39.95
ISBN: 1-932714-06-5
eBook: 978-1-61121-006-4
Released: Fall 2005; SOLD OUT

photos, illus., original maps, roster, appendices, biblio., index., cloth, and d.j.

The first history of this elite light artillery battery; based upon extensive primary accounts.

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Reading Book Guide

Chicago's Battery Boys: The Chicago Mercantile Battery in the Civil War's Western Theater, by Richard Brady Williams

We hope these thought-provoking questions lead to some lively book discussions.

  1. How was the Chicago Mercantile Battery formed and how did it compare to the Chicago Board of Trade Battery?
  2. What role did Mary Livermore, a postwar leader in fighting for women's rights, play with the Chicago Mercantile Battery and why did she refer to them as her "Battery Boys"?
  3. How did Pat White end up serving as captain of the Chicago Mercantile Battery?
  4. Who was William Liston Brown and what was his role in preserving the Mercantile Battery's legacy?
  5. What happened during the artillery duel fought by Capt. Pat White and his men at Champion Hill and how did that engagement affect the outcome of the battle?
  6. Why did Capt. White and five of his artillerists later receive the Medal of Honor for service rendered during Grant's May 22, 1863, assault at Vicksburg?
  7. What happened to the Chicago Mercantile Battery at the Battle of Sabine Crossroads, which was fought in northwest Louisiana on April 8, 1864?
  8. Who received Pat White's surrendered sword during the Battle of Sabine Crossroads and how was it returned to the Mercantile Battery captain after the war?
  9. How did the Mercantile Battery artillerists break the news blackout imposed by Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Banks after the battles at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill?
  10. How did Banks' commanders in New Orleans treat the Chicago Mercantile Battery artillerists after the Battle of Sabine Crossroads?
  11. What was life like for Capt. White and his men at Camp Ford Prison outside of Tyler, Texas?
  12. Based on contributions made by Pat White and his comrades at Vicksburg National Military Park, what else could be done today to commemorate the soldiers' valor on other battlefields such as Champion Hill and Mansfield?

Richard Brady Williams

Richard Brady Williams is a business executive in the biotechnology field. For almost a decade, Richard has been conducting research on the Chicago Mercantile Battery and collecting memorabilia from the unit. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Read More...

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