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Chicago's Battery Boys - Table of Contents

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The Chicago Mercantile Battery in the Civil War's Western Theater

Richard Brady Williams

Format: Hardcover, 636 pages
Price: $39.95
ISBN: 1-932714-06-5
eBook: 978-1-61121-006-4
Released: Fall 2005; SOLD OUT

photos, illus., original maps, roster, appendices, biblio., index., cloth, and d.j.

The first history of this elite light artillery battery; based upon extensive primary accounts.

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Edwin C. Bearss

Preface and Acknowledgments

Author's Note

Chapter 1: On the Father of Waters

Chapter 2: If the Rebels Had Not Retreated

Chapter 3: Jaws of Death

Chapter 4: Just the Man We Want

Chapter 5: On the Other Side of the River

Chapter 6: The Great Assault

Chapter 7: Vicksburg Has Fallen

Chapter 8: Capped the Climax

Chapter 9: I Have Been to New Orleans

Chapter 10: The Richest Sugar Growing Country

Chapter 11: Not Enough Fight in This Department

Chapter 12: Gen. Banks Commands the Expedition

Chapter 13: No Men Ever Displayed Better Courage

Chapter 14: Little Use in Disguising Defeat

Chapter 15: Treated Like Dogs

Chapter 16: A Shot Thro' the Bulls Eye

Chapter 17: I Have Been on a Raid

Chapter 18: The Terrible Death of President Lincoln

Chapter 19: A Sinking Confederacy


Appendix 1: Touring

Appendix 2: Roster





Richard Brady Williams

Richard Brady Williams is a business executive in the biotechnology field. For almost a decade, Richard has been conducting research on the Chicago Mercantile Battery and collecting memorabilia from the unit. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Read More...

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