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Champion Hill

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Decisive Battle for Vicksburg

Timothy B. Smith

Format: Paperback, 528 pages
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 1-932714-19-7
eBook: 978-1-611210-00-2
On Sale: November 2005

74 photos, illustrations, 38 maps, OOB, biblio, appendices, index

Winner: Non-Fiction, 2005, Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters

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About this Book

Timothy B. Smith’s study is the first full-length account of the high stakes military chess game that played out across the state of Mississippi in the spring of 1863. The campaign climaxed on May 16 at Champion Hill, where the decisive land engagement of the Vicksburg campaign was fought.

Many months earlier, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant set out to capture Vicksburg. After several high profile attempts ended in failure, Grant boldly determined to cross the Mississippi River south of the city and advance inland. Opposing him was John C. Pemberton, who moved his Confederate army out to confront Grant just 20 miles east of Vicksburg. It was a fateful decision that spun the campaign (and the course of the war) in an entirely new direction. The Union victory at Champion Hill sealed the fate of both Vicksburg and her large field army, and propelled Grant into the national spotlight. He went on to win again at Chattanooga, command the armed forces of the United States, and confront Robert E. Lee in Virginia.

Smith’s balanced and objective approach includes a detailed examination of the complex movements of the armies and the inland battles they waged, including Port Gibson, Raymond, and Jackson. His entertaining and lucid style introduces readers to a wide array of soldiers and civilians who found themselves swept up in one of the war’s most decisive campaigns.

Champion Hill is based upon many years of primary research and includes a keen appreciation of the wooded and ravine-strewn terrain upon which the armies fought. Enhancing the study are more than three dozen original maps that clearly chart the course of this fascinating and little-understood battle.

Champion Hill: Decisive Battle for Vicksburg is rich in analysis, strategic insight, tactical action, and character development. Students will hail this account as a classic Civil War battle study.

Champion Hill will become a classic Civil War battle study.

Timothy B. Smith

Timothy Smith holds a Ph.D. from Mississippi State in history and works for the National Park Service as a ranger at Shiloh National Battlefield Park. Read More...

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