Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Grant and Lee

Chapter 2: Changing Face of War

Chapter 3: March to the Pamunkey

Chapter 4: Haw's Shop

Chapter 5: Totopotomoy Creek

Chapter 6: Bethesda Church

Chapter 7: Matadequin Creek

Chapter 8: Another Crossroads

Chapter 9: Cold Harbor, June 1

Chapter 10: Cold Harbor, June 2

Chapter 11: Cold Harbor, June 3 II Corps Assault

Chapter 12: Cold Harbor, June 3 VI Corps Assault

Chapter 13: Cold Harbor, June 3 XVIII Corps Assault

Chapter 14: Aftermath of Battle

Chapter 15: Toward the James

Chapter 16: Conclusion

Appendix A: The North Anna River

Appendix B: The Military, Political and Social Impacts of the Battle by Shawn Woodford

Appendix C: Comparison of Gaines Mill and Cold Harbor by Christian Fearer

Order of Battle

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