Praise for Chancellorsville’s Forgotten Front

“A narrative that is fast-paced and readable for those with only casual interest, but also authoritative enough for serious scholars.”

- The Civil War Monitor

“Mackowski and White’s splendid new work gives the reader an hour-by-hour insight into the command logic, communication foibles and troop movements that led to that intense fighting, coupled with a thorough analysis of these two battles’ impact on the Chancellorsville campaign.”

- Civil War News

“A valuable addition to your Civil War library.”

- Jim Durney

“Most studies of Chancellorsville focus on the fighting around the Chancellor house and on Stonewall Jackson’s flank attack and mortal wounding. Few remember the campaign’s “second front” at Fredericksburg and the intense deadly combat at Salem Church, where nearly 30,000 Federal troops of Sedgwick’s VI Corps battled for their lives against Jubal Early’s division and elements of Longstreet’s First Corps. This stunning oversight has finally been corrected by historians Mackowski and White. Their readable, enjoyable, and deeply researched micro-tactical study is a must for anyone interested in Civil War battles in general, and Chancellorsville in particular.”

- Eric J. Wittenberg, award-winning Civil War author

“Chris Mackowski and Kristopher D. White’s Chancellorsville’s Forgotten Front focuses on an overlooked and yet complex part of “Fighting Joe” Hooker’s 1863 effort to defeat Robert E. Lee. Their study is simply first-rate, and should not and cannot be overlooked by anyone trying to understand the full importance of the Chancellorsville campaign.”

- Lance J. Herdegen, award-winning author of The Iron Brigade in Civil War and Memory

Chancellorsville’s Forgotten Front is sure to be among the best Civil War books published this year. Mackowski and White demonstrate the importance of this all-too-often neglected part of campaign with authenticity and eloquence. Their research is exhaustive, and their passion for the subject obvious. If you think you know all about Chancellorsville, think again. Professional historians and amateurs alike will gain new information and fresh insight by reading this book, and come away with a better appreciation for, and knowledge of, Lee’s greatest victory.”

- Mike Stevens, President, Central Virginia Battlefields Trust

“Mackowski and White’s Chancellorsville’s Forgotten Front is not just a micro-study of a small portion of a large campaign, but a study of the campaign from the perspective of overlooked battles. Anyone who thinks Second Fredericksburg, Salem Church, and Banks’ Ford were insignificant engagements are about to discover that the Federals who fought and died in these actions were not left behind simply as decoys, and the fighting so wonderfully researched and described had a direct effect on the entire campaign.”

- Greg Mertz, supervisory historian, Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park

“Too often historians have treated the battles of Second Fredericksburg and Salem Church as mere footnotes to the greater Chancellorsville campaign. In Chancellorsville’s Forgotten Front, Mackowski and White bring the story to the forefront where it belongs, and they do so in a style at once entertaining and evocative.”

- Donald Pfanz, award-winning author of Richard S. Ewell: A Soldier’s Life

“Far more than a mere esoteric supplement to existing works on the campaign by Bigelow, Sears, Furgurson, etc., Chancellorsville's Forgotten Front is a completely original and essential part of the literature. It is highly recommended.”

- Drew Wagenhoffer, Civil War Books and Authors