Chapter 1: Mr. Lincoln’s Principal Army: The Army of the Potomac

Chapter 2: The Bedraggled Foe: The Army of Northern Virginia

Chapter 3: Under the Greek Cross: The Federal VI Corps

Chapter 4: Bridging the Rappahannock: The Federal River Crossing

Chapter 5: To Call Hooker’s Bluff

Chapter 6: The Enemy in Front and Rear

Chapter 7: Lee’s “Bad Old Man”

Chapter 8: The Errant Order

Chapter 9: Calling on Uncle John

Chapter 10: The Failed Reconnaissance

Chapter 11: Across the Old Battlefield

Chapter 12: Taking the Gibraltar of the South: The Fall of Marye’s Heights

Chapter 13: Forcing Sedgwick’s Hand: Wilcox’s Delaying Action

Chapter 14: Fighting in the Churchyard: The Battle of Salem Church

Chapter 15: With Their Backs to the River

Chapter 16: A Fighting Withdrawal: The Battle of Banks’ Ford

Chapter 17: “We might have gained a great victory.”

Appendix A: Orders of Battle: Chancellorsville

Appendix B: The Chancellorsville Campaign by the Numbers

Appendix C: The Road Well Traveled: The Postwar History of Fredericksburg’s Sunken Road

Appendix D: Medal of Honor Recipients at the Battles of Second Fredericksburg, Salem Church, and Banks’ Ford

Appendix E: Whatever Happened To . . .?