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A Journal of the American Civil War

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Volume Three, Number Four

Format: Paperback, 120 pages
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 1055-3266
eBook: Not available at this time
Published: 1994

photos, maps, illustrations, chapter footnotes, book reviews, index

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About this Book

Volume 3, Number Four includes a master index for Volume 3 and the following topics:

Feature Articles

  • All That Brave Men Could Do: Joseph Finegan's Florida Brigade at Cold Harbor
  • The Battle of Belmont and the Citizen Soldiers of the 27th Illinois Infantry

Book Reviews

  • Encyclopedia of the Confederacy (4 vols)
  • The Classic Regimental Bookshelf: Ham Chamberlayne -- Virginian: Letters and Papers of an Artillery Officer
  • John T. McMahon's Diary of the 136th New York, 1861-1865
  • When this Cruel War is Over: The Civil War Letters of Charles Harvey Brewster
  • Gettysburg: Culp's Hill & Cemetery Hill
  • For Country, Cause & Leader: The Civil War Journal of Charles B. Haydon
  • Ben McCulloch and the Frontier Military Tradition
  • Leadership During the Civil War. The 1989 Deep Delta Civil War Symposium: Themes in Honor of T. Harry Williams
  • Sherman: Fighting Prophet
  • Index for Volume Three
  • List of Contents/Maps for Volume Three