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A Journal of the American Civil War

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Volume Five, No. 2

Charleston: Battles and Seacoast Operations in South Carolina

Format: Paperback, 186 pages
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 1-882810-52-X
eBook: Not available at this time
Published: 1996

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About this Book

Charleston -- the appropriately titled "Cradle of the Confederacy"-- was for years the objective of a determined and well-equipped enemy. Indeed, the critical seaport would stand defiant against all comers until flanked by William T. Sherman's army in February 1865, just two months before Appomattox.

  • Introduction
  • To Capture an Island: Amphibious Operations in the Department of the South, 1861-1863
  • History and Archaeology: Edward Wild's African Brigade in the Siege of Charleston
  • Prelude to Secessionville: First Blood on Sol Legare Island
  • To the Shores of Carolina: Admiral Dahlgren's Marine Battalions
  • Classic Regimental Bookshelf: An Interview with Author William C. Davis
  • Book Reviews/Book Notes
  • Index