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A Journal of the American Civil War

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Volume Five, No. 3

Antietam: The Maryland Campaign of 1862, Essays on Union and Confederate Leadership

Format: Paperback, 200 pages
ISBN: 1-882810-53-8
eBook: Not available at this time
Published: 1997

photos, maps, illustrations, chapter endnotes, book reviews, index

About this Book

Antietam offers a variety of historical slices of the Maryland Campaign. Topics include:

  • Introduction
  • Who Lost the Lost Orders? Stonewall Jackson, His Courier, and Special Orders No. 191
  • "My God! Be Careful!" Morning Battle at Fox's Gap, September 14, 1862
  • A Brigade Commander's First Fight: The Letters of Colonel Walter Phelps, Jr. During the Maryland Campaign
  • Clash in the Cornfield: The 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry in the Maryland Campaign
  • A Dear Bought Name: The 7th West Virginia Infantry's Assault on Bloody Lane
  • Book Reviews
  • Index