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A Journal of the American Civil War

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Civil War Regiments offers balanced and in-depth military coverage (all theaters, North and South) in a lengthy and non-partisan format. How often can you read about Pickett's Charge and Sherman's March in a 2,000-word cut-and-paste article? CWR offers meaty, in-depth articles (5,000 - 18,000 words), with original maps, photos, columns, book reviews, and indexes. Each soft cover 6x9 book is printed on acid-free paper with laminated covers for long, durable use. Many of these collector's issues are in short supply, so order today!

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Available CWR issues include:

Volume One, Number One (non-themed issue)

Volume One, Number Two (non-themed issue)

Volume One, Number Three (non-themed issue)

Volume One, Number Four (non-themed issue)

Volume Two, Number One: Vicksburg

Volume Two, Number Two (non-themed issue)

Volume Two, Number Four (non-themed issue)

Volume Three, Number One (non-themed issue)

Volume Three, Number Four (non-themed issue)

Volume Four, No. 1: The Mounted Arm in Tennessee

Volume Four, No. 2: The Red River Campaign

Volume Four, No. 3: Civil War Books Issue

Volume Four, No. 4: Fredericksburg

Volume Five, No. 1: Museum of the Confederacy

Volume Five, No. 2: Charleston: Battles/Seacoast Operations

Volume Five, No. 3: Antietam

Volume Five, No. 4: Civil War: The Early Battles

Volume Six, No. 1: North Carolina: Final Battles

Volume Six, No. 2: The Maryland Campaign

Volume Six, No. 3: Gettysburg: Regimental Leadership

Volume Six, No. 4: The Wilderness

Volume Seven, No. 1: Chickamauga and Chattanooga