Foreword by Mark A. Moore


Chapter One: War is All Hell

Chapter Two: Uncle Billy and His Armies

Chapter Three: The Last Rally of the Western Confederates

Chapter Four: The Battle of Averasboro

Chapter Five: Marching to Battle

Chapter Six: Bentonville Opens

Chapter Seven: Johnston's Grand Assault

Chapter Eight: Reinforcements on the Road

Chapter Nine: Sherman Arrives

Chapter Ten: The Armies Skirmish

Chapter Eleven: Reconnaissance in Force

Chapter Twelve: The Battle Ends

Driving Tour #1: Averasboro

Driving Tour #2: Bentonsville

Appendix A: Sherman's March: The Impact on Georgia and the Carolinas

Appendix B: Mower's Attack: Yards Short of Total Victory

Appendix C: The Swamp Lizard: The Military Career of Joseph Anthony Mower

Appendix D: The Road to Bennett Place

Appendix E: Sherman and Johnston: Foes in War, Friends in Peace

Appendix F: Preserving the Bentonville Battlefield

Order of Battle

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