Table of Contents

Acknowledgments viii

Prologue xiii

Chapter One: On to Richmond! 1

Chapter Two: Petersburg Besieged 7

Chapter Three: Winter Quarters 13

Chapter Four: Jones Farm 23

Chapter Five: Lewis Farm and White Oak Road 37

Chapter Six: Dinwiddie Court House and Five Forks 47

Chapter Seven: The VI Corps Prepares to Charge 55

Chapter Eight: The Vermonters Break Through 65

Chapter Nine: Expanding the Breach 75

Chapter Ten: The Death of A. P. Hill 85

Chapter Eleven: The Sweep to Hatcher's Run 93

Chapter Twelve: Forts Gregg and Whitworth 103

Chapter Thirteen: Grant and Lee Under Fire 117

Chapter Fourteen: The Fall of Petersburg 125

Appendix A: Field Fortifications: A Glossary of Terms 131

Appendix B: "The Hardships of This March": Sheridan's Return to the Army of the Potomac by Daniel T. Davis 133

Appendix C: Pamplin Historical Park 137

Order of Battle 142

Suggested Reading 148

About the Author 152

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