Praise for Flames Beyond Gettysburg

"Not only is the 2011 edition superior to the 2009 edition because it is based upon extensive primary source material, but the reworking features much better and original maps by cartographer Steven Stanley."

- Rea Andrew Redd,
Civil War Librarian

"Now in a completely revised edition updated with additional primary sources, new maps, and new black-and-white photographs, Flames Beyond Gettysburg is highly recommended, especially for Civil War history shelves."

- James A. Cox,
Editor, Midwest Book Review

"Scott Mingus Sr. makes an important addition to the story of Gettysburg by filling a void that we were unaware of by replacing our comfortable assumptions with a detailed study of the action from June 26 to 30, 1863."

- Jim Durney,
Suncoast Civil War Roundtable

"Flames Beyond Gettysburg deserves a place in the library of every serious Gettysburg campaign student. It should also appeal to local Pennsylvania history enthusiasts. Finally, for those that already own a copy of the original edition, the new book is a quite considerable improvement over the old one in both content and presentation, and is very much worth another look."

- Andrew Wagenhoffer,
Civil War Books and Authors

"A readable and fascinating narrative that finally fills in the large gap in Gettysburg historiography."

- Eric J. Wittenberg,
Ohio Civil War author

"Clearly written, scrupulously edited, and well-organized."

- Tom Ryan,
The Washington Times

"This book will be the standard work on this little studied and appreciated facet of the Gettysburg Campaign."

- J. David Petruzzi,
Pennsylvania Civil War author

"This is one well researched book and very enjoyable to read."

- Edward Herzog,
Minnesota Civil War historian

"A valuable read for those interested in Gettysburg in particular, and the history of the Civil War in general."

- Al Nofi,
New York Military Affairs Symposium and Strategy Page