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Hunt and Kill - Table of Contents

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U-505 and the U-Boat War in the Atlantic

Theodore P. Savas, ed.

Format: Hardcover, 320 pages.
Price: $25.00
ISBN: 1-932714-01-4
eBook: 1-932714-01-4
On Sale: Spring 2004

6 photos, illus., 14 maps, appendices, extensive endnotes, biblio., index, cloth, d.j.

Foreword by Knight's Cross Holder Erich Topp (U-552)

Of related U-505 interest: Steel Boat, Iron Hearts: A U-boat Crewman's Life aboard U-505

Steel Boat, Iron Hearts author Hans Goebelerís experience detailed in U-505 article.


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Table of Contents

Editorís Preface, by Theodore P. Savas

Foreword, by Erich Topp

Introduction: Eric Rust

1. No Target Too Far: The Genesis, Concept, and Operations of Type IX U-Boats in World War II, by Eric C. Rust

2. A Community Bound by Fate: The Crew of U-505 by Timothy Mulligan

3. From the Lionís Roar to Blunted Axe: The Combat Patrols of U-505, by Lawrence Paterson

4. Deciphering the U-boat War: The Role of Intelligence in the Capture of U-505 by Mark E. Wise and Jak P. Mallmann Showell

5. Collision Course: Task Group 22.3 and the Hunt for U-505 by Lawrence Paterson

6. Desperate Decisions: The German Loss of U-505 by Jordan Vause

7. Project 356: U-505 and the Journey to Chicago by Keith Gill

Appendix A: Type IXC U-boats: Technical Data

Appendix B: U-505 Combat Chronology

Appendix C: Harald Lange's Report of the Loss of U-505





Theodore P. Savas

Theodore P. Savas is an attorney by training and teaches legal-related classes in the evening at a local college. He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books including Hunt and Kill: U-505 and the U-boat War in the Atlantic (2004) and Nazi Millionaires: The Allied Search for Hidden SS Gold (2002). Read More...

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