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Praise for Indian War Veterans

“By resurrecting first-person accounts published long ago in veterans' publications and a few newspapers, Jerome A. Greene fills a gap and makes the Indian War era come to life. By making these stories accessible, he has done these almost-forgotten veterans, as well as readers, a great service."

– Darrell Smith,
On Point, The Journal of Army History

"A treasure-trove of original sources on the Indian wars, an essential addition to every library on the subject."

- Paul A. Hutton,
University of New Mexico, and the author of
Phil Sheridan and his Army and The Custer Reader

"These reminiscences, drawn from Winners of the West and other sources, illuminate the field and garrison travails of soldiers on the cutting edge of America's westward movement. The words are the the veterans' own, providing vibrancy and insight into the lives and adventures of these Frontier Regulars."

- Paul L. Hedren,
author of We Trailed the Sioux: Enlisted Men Speak on
Custer, Crook, and the Great Sioux War

"Greene's Indian War Veterans is a 'must' for any college-level holding strong in either American Indian history and culture or American military history. Soldiers' experiences are recounted, from fighting with Custer to Powder River battles, Wounded Knee and more. A range of sources compliments entries, which are packed with firsthand observation and history, while dozens of previously unpublished photos and two original maps round out the information. Indian War Veterans is not to be missed by any holding seeking definitive coverage of Indian or American military history."

- Midwest Book Review

"A gold mine of grassroots military history."

- True West Magazine

"Indian War Veterans is a ground-breaking study that will appeal to those interested in the Plains Indian wars, the history of the central and western plains, and late nineteenth century America, as well as anyone with a concern for veterans’ affair. It is a superb piece of scholarship and writing."

- Kansas History

"One of Greene’s services to Indian War historians is to give us easy access to a body of work not always accessible . . . the editing of these articles is well done."

- Nebraska History

Review of Indian War Veterans on the Friends of the Little Big Horn website. To read the full review by Bob Reece, please click here.

- Bob Reece,
Friends of the Little Big Horn

“Greene has provided a major service for military historians and general readers by gathering together a wealth of hard-to-find sources and allowing these overlooked veterans to have their say.”

- Arizona History

“There is nothing like this volume in print, and it belongs on your bookshelf.”

- Annals of Wyoming