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Indian War Veterans - Table of Contents

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Memories of Army Life and Campaigns in the West, 1864-1898

Jerome A. Greene

Format: Hardcover, 440 pages
Price: $45.00
ISBN: 1-932714-26-5
eBook: 978-1-61121-022-4
On Sale: November 2006

Format: Paperback, 440 pages
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-61121-113-9
ebook: 978-1-61121-022-4
On Sale: January 2012

48 photos, plus full-color photo galley of medals, ribbons, and other memorabilia, illus, original maps, notes, biblio, index, d.j.

Every copy ordered ships with a FREE copy of Journal of the Indian Wars, Vol. 1, No. 4: Famous Fighting Units.


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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Introduction: The Indian War Veterans, 1880s-1960s

Part I: Army Life in the West

  • Press Interview with Five Veterans
  • A Typical Entry in Winners of the West
  • Finding the Right Drum Major, 1872, by John Cox
  • Ten Years a Buffalo Soldier, by Perry A. Hayman
  • Cavalry Duty in the Southwest in the 1870s, by George S. Raper
  • Wyoming Service in the 1870s, by George F. Tinkham
  • Relocating with the Sixth U. S. Infantry, by William Fetter
  • Battling in the Little Bighorn, by Alonzo Stringham
  • Fourteen Years in the Army, 1881-1895, by Ernst A. Selander
  • Fifth Cavalry Service, by Charles M. Hildreth
  • An Incident at Fort Abraham Lincoln in 1884, by Archibald Dickson
  • Reminiscences of an Eighth U. S. Cavalryman, 1883-1888, by Frederick C. Kurz
  • Twelve Years in the Eighteenth Infantry, by Phillip Schreiber
  • Cemeteries at Fort Laramie, by Michael M. O'Sullivan
  • Life as a Rookie, by John T. Stokes
  • A Boyhood at Tongue River Cantonment and Fort Keogh, 1877-1882, by Dominick J. O'Malley
  • The Border-to-Border March of the Eighth Cavalry, 1888, by William G. Wilkinson
  • Sidelights of the Eighth Cavalry's Historic March, by Soren P. Jepson
  • Memories of Old Fort Cummings, New Mexico Territory, by Wolsey A. Sloan
  • The Fort Custer Dance, by Maurice J. O'Leary
  • Christmas at Fort Robinson, 1882, by Martin J. Weber
  • Incidents of Army Life at Fort Wingate, 1892-1893, by Frederick H. Krause

Part II: Battles and Campaigns

  • A. Northern Plains and Prairies
    • The Fetterman Tragedy, 1866, by Timothy O'Brien
    • Note on the Fetterman Fight, by Alexander Brown
    • The Relief of Fort Phil Kearny and Fort C. F. Smith, 1866, by Bartholomew Fitzpatrick
    • Guarding the Union Pacific, by Laurence W. Aldrich
    • A Reality of Warfare, by Samuel H. Bently
    • A Skirmish at Heart River, Dakota, 1872, by John W. Jenkins
    • The Yellowstone Expedition of 1873, by William Foster Norris
    • Notes on the Yellowstone Expedition, by John Walsh
    • A Buffalo Stampede during the Northern Pacific Survey Expedition, 1873, by William D. Nugent
    • Bates's Fight in the Owl Range, 1874, by James H. Rhymer
    • Service at Red Cloud Agency, Nebraska, 1874-1875, by Lines P. Wasson
    • With the Third Cavalry in 1876, by Oliver C.C. Pollock
    • Fighting at Powder River and Rosebud Creek, 1876, by Phineas S. Towne
    • Attacking the Cheyennes at Powder River in 1876, by John Lang
    • A Sioux War Diary, by George S. Howard
    • Combatting Cheyennes at Powder River and the Red Fork, 1876, by James N. Connely
    • Campaigning with the Seventh Infantry in 1876, by George C. Berry
    • Memories of the Little Bighorn, 1876, by Jacob Hetler
    • Some Thoughts about the Battle of the Little Bighorn, by Theodore W. Goldin
    • With the Water Carriers at the Little Bighorn, by William D. Nugent
    • Fought with Reno on the Bluffs, by Henry M. Brinkerhoff
    • Mutilation of Custer's Dead, by William D. Nugent
    • News of the Custer Battle Reaches Fort Randall, Dakota, by John E. Cox
    • The Skirmish at Warbonnet Creek, 1876, by Chris Madsen
    • Witness to Cody at Warbonnet Creek, Diary entries by James B. Frew
    • Surrounding Red Cloud and Red Leaf, by Luther North
    • Battle of the Red Fork, 1876, by James S. McClellan
    • Dismounting and Disarming the Agency Sioux along the Missouri River, by Theodore W. Goldin
    • Scouting with Lieutenant Baldwin in Montana, 1876, by Joseph Culbertson
    • Fighting Crazy Horse in the Wolf Mountains, 1877, by Luther Barker
    • Surrender of Chief Dull Knife (Morning Star), 1878, by Louis DeWitt
    • An Incident of the Fort Robinson Outbreak, 1879, by James E. Snepp
    • An Encounter with the Cree Indians near the Canadian Line, 1881, by Lawrence Lea
    • On Patrol in Montana and Sitting Bull's Surrender in 1881, by John C. Delemont
    • The Killing of Sitting Bull, 1890, Account of James Connelly
    • Arrest and Death of Sitting Bull, by Matthew F. Steele
    • Two Letters Regarding Fort Yates and Sitting Bull's Death, 1890, by George B. DuBois
    • Scouting for Sioux in 1890, by John Rovinsky
    • Time at Wounded Knee, by William J. Slaughter
    • An Army Medic at Wounded Knee, by Andrew M. Flynn
    • A Memory of the Pine Ridge Campaign, by Henry B. Becker
    • A Trooper's Vignette, by Frank Sturr
    • On the Pine Ridge Campaign, by Grant C. Topping
    • Infantry Operations at Pine Ridge, by Richard T. Burns
    • Recollections of the Pine Ridge Campaign and Wounded Knee, by August Hettinger
    • Incidents of Wounded Knee, by Joseph Monnett
    • Maneuvers in Montana during the Ghost Dance Crisis, by James E. Wilson
    • The Leech Lake Uprising of 1898, by Harry V. Wurdemann
  • B. Central and Southern Plains
    • Supplies for Colorado in 1864, by Elias J. Quick
    • Campaigning in Colorado and New Mexico, 1860s, by Luke Cahill
    • Service with the Eighteenth Kansas Volunteer Cavalry in 1867, by Henderson Lafayette Burgess
    • On the Kansas Plains during Hancock's Campaign, 1867, by James P. Russell
    • A Skirmish with Kiowas in Colorado Territory, 1868, by Edward Mayers
    • Combat near Fort Hays, Kansas, 1867, by George W. Ford
    • A Memory of Beecher Island, 1868, by Reuben Waller
    • Sully's Campaign in the Autumn of 1868, by A. C. Rallya
    • The Fight at Beaver Creek, 1868, by Edward M. Hayes
    • A Buffalo Soldier Recalls Beaver Creek, by Reuben Waller
    • Kansas Troops and the 1868 Campaign, by W. R. Smith
    • Trials of the Southern Plains Campaign, 1868-1869, by Henry Pearson
    • With Custer at the Washita, 1868, by Henry Langley
    • The Battle at Palo Duro Canyon, 1874, by John B. Charlton
    • The Battle of Punished Woman's Fork, 1878, by Albert Fensch
  • C. Mountain West
    • The Fight at White Bird Canyon, 1877, by Frank Fenn
    • Reminiscences of White Bird Canyon, by John P. Schorr
    • The Nez Perce War and the Battle of the Big Hole, 1877, by Charles N. Loynes
    • The Bear's Paw Campaign and the Surrender of Chief Joseph, by Luther Barker
    • Bannock War Service, 1878, by Ernest F. Albrecht
    • Fighting the Bannocks, by George Buzan
    • Action in the Ute War of 1879, by Eugene Patterson
    • Merritt's Relief Column to Milk River, by Jacob Blaut
    • Reminiscences of the Ute Uprising, by Jacob Blaut
    • The Fifth Cavalry Comes Through, by Arthur S. Wallace
    • A Sidelight of the Ute Campaign, by Earl Hall
    • Occupation Duty in Utah, 1879-1880, by George K. Lisk
  • D. West Coast
    • A Close Call in Oregon, 1868, by John M. Smith
    • Scouting during the Modoc War, 1873, by Oliver C. Applegate
    • Murder of the Peace Commissioners, by Oliver C. Applegate
    • Incident in the Charge on the Modocs, January 17, 1873, by Jasper N. Terwilliger
  • E. Southwest
    • Pursuing Indians during Utah's Black Hawk War, 1865, by Joseph S. McFate
    • An Apache Fight near Camp Bowie, Arizona, 1871, by John F. Farley
    • Combat at Salt River Canyon, 1872, by an "Old Non-Com"
    • Memories of Lieutenants Hudson and Tyler, by Peter Lache
    • A Personal Bout with Apaches, by George O. Eaton
    • The Fight at Cibicu, 1881, by Anton Mazzanovich
    • Campaigning in Arizona in the 1880s, by John E. Murphy
    • The Fight at Black Mesa, 1882, by Earl S. Hall
    • Certificate of Merit for Combat in New Mexico, 1885, by Sylvester Grover
    • The Campaign against Geronimo, by Henry W. Daly
    • The Fight in Guadaloupe Canyon, 1885, by Emil Pauly
    • After the Apaches, 1885-1886, by Clarence B. Chrisman
    • Service in Arizona, 1885, by John P. Gardner
    • Trailing Geronimo by Heliograph, 1886, by William W. Neifert
    • Remembrance of the Apache Campaign, by Samuel D. Gilpin
    • To and from Mexico, 1886, by Albert Willis
    • Present at the Surrender, 1886, by Arnold Schoeni
    • Chasing the Apache Kid, 1892-1894, by Richard F. Watson
    • Suggested Reading
    • Index

Jerome A. Greene

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