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The Indian Wars' Civil War

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Volume 1, No. 3

Format: Paperback, 188 pages
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 1-882810-81-3
eBook: Not available at this time
Published: 2000

photos, maps, illustrations, chapter endnotes, book reviews, index

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About this Book

Most readers of the Civil War and Indian War history know that a small force of Indians participated in the Battle of Pea Ridge; John Pope was banished to Minnesota after his disastorous performance at Second Bull Run to face the rebellious Sioux; Stand Watie and Ely Parker rose to high rank in the Confederate and Union armies, respectively; and a region labeled simply "Indian Territory" existed somewhere in the Trans-Mississippi Theater. All true. Yet the situation of American Indians during the Civil War period was much more complex, their fate more devastating and far-reaching than most students appreciate. Each of the articles in this issue underscore this point.

  • Foreword
  • Firm but Fair: The Minnesota Volunteers and the Coming of the Dakota War of 1862
  • The Most Terrible Stories: The 1862 Dakota Conflict in White Imagination
  • Chiefs by Commission: Stand Watie and Ely Parker
  • Flowing with Blood and Whiskey: Stand Watie and the Battles of First and Second Cabin Creek
  • Nations Asunder: Western American Indian Experiences During the Civil War, 1861-1865, Part I
  • Interview: A Conversation with Battlefield Interpreter Doug Keller
  • Features: Wisconsin's 1832 Black Hawk Trail
  • The Indian Wars: Organizational, Tribal, and Museum News
  • Thomas Online: Daughters of the Lance: Native American Women Warriors
  • Book Reviews
  • Index