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Journal of the Indian Wars

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What is Journal of the Indian Wars?

Journal of the Indian Wars, or JIW was a quarterly publication on the study of the American Indian Wars. Before JIW, no periodical dedicated exclusively to this fascinating topic was available. JIW's focus was on warfare in the United States, Canada, and the Spanish borderlands from 1492 to 1890. Published articles also include personalities, policy, and military technologies. (Unfortunately, the sale of Savas Publishing effectively ended this subscription-based periodical. Its back issue books are still available through Savas Beatie.)

JIW was designed to satisfy both professional and lay readers with original articles of lasting value and a variety of columns of interest, all enhanced with maps and illustrations. JIW's lengthy essays of substance are presented in a fresh and entertaining manner.

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Available JIW issues include:

Custer at the Washita and Little Bighorn

Battles and Leaders East of the Mississippi

The Indian Wars' Civil War

Famous Fighting Units

Books on the Indian Wars

Each issue includes:

  • Four to six articles complete with end notes and original maps;
  • An interview with a leading historian;
  • A variety of columns including the careers of leading Civil War personalities on the plains, preservation issues, archaeology, parks and museums, educational events, weaponry;
  • The Indian Wars online;
  • Book excerpts, in-depth book reviews, index;
  • Each issue is a soft cover BOOK (no staples or folds), with a printed spine for easy shelf reference;
  • and laminated full color covers for long, durable use!