Table of Contents


Introduction and Acknowledgements

Part One: Lincolnís Entrance

Chapter 1: Lincoln Comes to Washington

Chapter 2: The Presidency

Chapter 3: The Rise of Party Politics

Chapter 4: The Spoils System

Chapter 5: The Slavery Debate

Chapter 6: Lincolnís Nomination

Chapter 7: The 1860 Presidential Campaign

Chapter 8: Lincolnís Election

Chapter 9: Lincoln in the Secession Winter

Chapter 10: Lincoln in the Secession Winter

Chapter 11: The Journey to Washington

Chapter 12: Lincoln and the Merchants

Part Two: Lincolnís First Eighteen Months

Chapter 13: Lincolnís First Impression

Chapter 14: The First Inaugural

Chapter 15: The Struggle with Seward, Then Sumter

Chapter 16: The Capital Surrounded

Chapter 17: The Hundred Days to Bull Run

Chapter 18: The Rise of the Radical Republicans

Chapter 19: The Phony War of 1861

Chapter 20: Democrats Disappear

Chapter 21: A Military House Divided

Part Three: Lincolnís Proclamation

Chapter 22: Lincoln, Race, and the North

Chapter 23: Lincoln Awaits a Victory

Chapter 24: Emancipation Promised

Chapter 25: Emancipation Rebuked

Chapter 26: Emancipation Proclaimed

Chapter 27: The Rise of the Copperheads

Chapter 28: Lincoln Addresses the Nation

Part Four: Lincolnís Reelection

Chapter 29: The 1864 Republican Nomination

Chapter 30: The Fall and the Temptation

Chapter 31: The 1864 Election

Chapter 32: The War at the End of the War

Epilogue: The Sudden Saint

Sources and Notes