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The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln - Table of Contents

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The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln
The Story of America's Most Reviled President

Larry Tagg

Format: Hardcover, 576 pages
Price: $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-932714-61-6
eBook: 978-1-61121-042-2
On Sale: May 2009

30 photos and illustrations

Today, Abraham Lincoln is a beloved American icon, widely considered to be our best president. It was not always so. Larry Tagg's The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln is the first study of its kind to concentrate on what Lincoln's contemporaries actually thought of him during his lifetime. Be forewarned: your preconceived notions are about to be shattered. Read More...


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Table of Contents


Introduction and Acknowledgements

Part One: Lincolnís Entrance

Chapter 1: Lincoln Comes to Washington

Chapter 2: The Presidency

Chapter 3: The Rise of Party Politics

Chapter 4: The Spoils System

Chapter 5: The Slavery Debate

Chapter 6: Lincolnís Nomination

Chapter 7: The 1860 Presidential Campaign

Chapter 8: Lincolnís Election

Chapter 9: Lincoln in the Secession Winter

Chapter 10: Lincoln in the Secession Winter

Chapter 11: The Journey to Washington

Chapter 12: Lincoln and the Merchants

Part Two: Lincolnís First Eighteen Months

Chapter 13: Lincolnís First Impression

Chapter 14: The First Inaugural

Chapter 15: The Struggle with Seward, Then Sumter

Chapter 16: The Capital Surrounded

Chapter 17: The Hundred Days to Bull Run

Chapter 18: The Rise of the Radical Republicans

Chapter 19: The Phony War of 1861

Chapter 20: Democrats Disappear

Chapter 21: A Military House Divided

Part Three: Lincolnís Proclamation

Chapter 22: Lincoln, Race, and the North

Chapter 23: Lincoln Awaits a Victory

Chapter 24: Emancipation Promised

Chapter 25: Emancipation Rebuked

Chapter 26: Emancipation Proclaimed

Chapter 27: The Rise of the Copperheads

Chapter 28: Lincoln Addresses the Nation

Part Four: Lincolnís Reelection

Chapter 29: The 1864 Republican Nomination

Chapter 30: The Fall and the Temptation

Chapter 31: The 1864 Election

Chapter 32: The War at the End of the War

Epilogue: The Sudden Saint

Sources and Notes




Larry Tagg

Larry co-founded and enjoyed substantial commercial success with "Bourgeois Tagg" in the mid-1980s. He went on to play bass for Todd Rundgren, Heart, Hall and Oates, and other acts. Read More...

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