Praise for Lincoln's Greatest Journey

"When President Abraham Lincoln visited Richmond at the end of the Civil War, his journey up the James River from City Point to the recently surrendered capital of the Confederacy was so unprecedented, so unexpected, and so ultimately overshadowed by his assassination, that it begged a closer examination. That's what Noah Andre Trudeau has done in Lincoln's Greatest Journey."

- Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Trudeau's deep knowledge shines throughout the book as he unearths new information concerning Lincoln's war-weary state of mind."

- Foreword Reviews

"This fine book deserves both the wide-ranging readership it will attract and the acclaim it will undoubtedly garner."

- Civil War News

"This story matters, and Trudeau has given it its rightful justice. Lincoln's Greatest Journey would be a welcomed addition to any Civil War library.”

- Emerging Civil War

"In addition to those interested in all things Lincoln, readers wanting to read something fresh about the closing moments of the war in the East should find the book well worth their time.”

- Civil War Books and Authors

"Lincoln’s Greatest Journey presents the gripping story of President Abraham Lincoln's daring and important visit, first to City Point, Virginia, and then on to the Confederate capital in Richmond. After an introductory chapter, Trudeau spends 16 chapters covering 16 days of the Civil War's endgame. The rich detail in this wonderful read, grounded upon many new sources, delicately presents the horror of war, the chaos of war, and the politics of ending a long and bloody civil war. The best of Abraham Lincoln comes through in this insightful new book.”

- David Hirsch and Dan Van Haften, authors of Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason

"Noah Andre Trudeau's Lincoln's Greatest Journey is a groundbreaking work that changes our perceptions of this little-known and largely unexplored critical time during the last days of the Lincoln administration. Drawing on a myriad of primary sources and beautifully written in the author's well-known style, Trudeau firmly demonstrates that the final days of the Civil War brought about a transformation in Lincoln and re-energized America's greatest president for the challenges ahead in reconstructing the Union. Unfortunately, his assassination changed the course of American history. This important new work is highly recommended for anyone interested in the end of the Civil War, Lincoln, or Reconstruction.”

- Eric J. Wittenberg, author of many Civil War titles including "The Devil's to Pay!" John Buford at Gettysburg. A History and Walking Tour, the recipient of the 2014 Gettysburg Civil War Round Table book award.

"A fascinating historical and character study."

- Midwest Book Review

"Civil War buffs will find much of interest in his day-by-day chronicle."

- Shepherd Express

"Lincoln's Greatest Journey is a welcome addition to the Civil War world, and to those who want to study Lincoln himself. Trudeau's narrative is amazing; it evokes a different type of narrative than in other recent studies. It touches you on a scale which I cannot describe.”

- Gettysburg Chronicle

"Lincoln's Greatest Journey combines Trudeau's trademark fine-grained research with narrative skill to produce a vivid account of Lincoln's sixteen days at the front in Virginia, where General Grant's army finally broke Confederate lines and began the campaign that led to Appomattox. This dramatic story of face-to-face collaboration between the commander in chief and his general in chief builds to a climactic ending of the Civil War."

- James M. McPherson, Pulitzer-prize winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom and author of The War That Forged a Nation: Why the Civil War Still Matters

"Abraham Lincoln's longest hiatus away from Washington was also his last, and surely his most important. Trudeau's Lincoln's Greatest Journey plows new ground in detailing for the first time the president's 16 days with the Army of the Potomac on the very eve of victory, days in which he renewed his own flagging energy and helped inspirit his soldiers and officers. Especially welcome is Trudeau's analysis of the often-flawed sources on which previous descriptions of the trip have been credulously based. Surely this is the author's best and most original work to date."

- William C. Davis, award-winning author of Inventing Loreta Velasquez and Crucible of Command: Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee - The War They Fought, the Peace They Forged

"Trudeau demonstrates great insight by allowing the reader to view this short, but critical, period in Abraham Lincoln's presidency. In this sixteen-day stretch, Lincoln visits City Point to 'participate' in the last days of the Civil War. It is not only relief from the politics and stress of Washington, but a chance for the President to see and meet with his General in Chief, other officers, and especially the troops. It changed the President in a way that was reflected in his evolving policy on how to deal with the Confederates after imminent surrender. His Reconstruction policy was also evolving during this time, and his thoughts on extending some of rights of citizenship to the U.S. Colored troops and their families had become more than an embryo. This is a most worthy addition to the 16,000 volumes written about Lincoln since 1865."

- Frank J. Williams, founding Chair of The Lincoln Forum and Chair of The Ulysses S. Grant Association and Presidential Library

"Trudeau's is a well-researched study with a rich cast of characters. He weaves together threads of military, political, social, and personal history to create a fascinating chronicle of sixteen unique - and until now largely unexamined - days of Lincoln's presidency."

- Larry Tagg, author of The Battles that Made Abraham Lincoln and The Generals of Gettysburg