The Army of Northern Virginia Moves North

Map Set 1: The March to Gettysburg

The Confederates Clear the Valley

Map Set 2: The Battle of Second Winchester

Map Set 3: The Battle of Stephenson’s Depot

The Battle of Gettysburg

July 1

Map Set 4: The Initial Fighting West of Gettysburg, North of Chambersburg Pike

Map Set 5: The Morning Fight Between Archer’s Brigade and the Iron Brigade

Map Set 6: Oak Ridge: Initial Attacks

Map Set 7: Along Chambersburg Pike

Map Set 8: The Fight for McPherson Ridge

Map Set 9: Seminary Ridge

Map Set 10: The Defeat of the Federal Troops on Oak Ridge

Map Set 11: The Defeat of Barlow’s Division on Blocher’s Knoll

Map Set 12: The Defeat of Krzyzanowki’s Brigade

Map Set 13: The Defeat of the 157th New York

Map Set 14: The Brickyard Fight

Evening July 1 – Morning July 2

July 2

Map Set 15: Little Round Top

Map Set 16: Devil’s Den and the Slaughter Pen

Map Set 17: The Wheatfield and Stony Hill

Map Set 18: The Peach Orchard

Map Set 19: Crushing Humphreys’ Division

Map Set 20: The Fight Along Plum Run

Map Set 21: Wright Tries the Union Center

Map Set 22: The Valley of Death

Map Set 23: Cemetery Hill

Map Set 24: The Fight for Culp’s Hill

Evening July 2 – Morning July 3

July 3

Map Set 25: Culp’s Hill Remains in Union Hands

Map Set 26: The Pickett – Pettigrew – Trimble Charge

Map Set 27: East Cavalry Field

Map Set 28: South Cavalry Field

July 4-13

Withdrawal to Virginia

Map Set 29: The Retreat from Gettysburg

Appendix A: Order of Battle