Chapter 1: Why Join the Marine Corps Instead of Other Branches?

Chapter 2: Why Basic (Recruit) Training?

Chapter 3: You and Your Recruiter

Chapter 4: Value-Based Training

Chapter 5: The Fourteen Leadership Traits

Chapter 6: Things You Should Know BEFORE You Arrive

Chapter 7: Recruit Terminology

Chapter 8: The Eleven General Order of the Sentry

Chapter 9: Rank Structure

Chapter 10: How to Speak Like a Recruit

Chapter 11: The UCMJ

Chapter 12: Marine Corps History

Chapter 13: Physical Training

Chapter 14: Shipping Out

Chapter 15: Pick-Up and Forming

Chapter 16: First Phase

Chapter 17: Second Phase Training

Chapter 18: Third Phase Training

Chapter 19: The Crucible

Chapter 20: Graduation