Praise for The Maryland Campaign

". . . a battle junkie's dream. The entire Carman manuscript for this timeframe is presented along with copious annotations and commentary by Clemens. Add in 22 well-drawn maps, photographs and an Order of Battle, and you quickly realize why Savas Beatie has become of of the top publishers of Civil War books."

- Kenneth Williams, Civil War News, February/March 2011

"In bringing Carman's The Maryland Campaign into print, Clemens and Savas Beatie have done Civil War scholars an invaluable service, and they will certainly be looking forward to the appearance of the second volume."

- Al Nofi, Strategy Page

"Reading Clemens' footnotes is almost as satisfying as reveling in Carman's rich prose . . . Publisher Savas Beatie knows well the value of cartography in its books. Though unable to reproduce the 14 original maps that accompanied Carman's manuscript, Gene Thorp has drawn excellent topographical illustrations based on the originals. Experts and enthusiasts alike are sure to be eagerly awaiting Clemens' treatment of the remaining Carman chapters, tentatively scheduled for publication in 2012."

- Gordon Berg, America's Civil War, January 2011

“I would highly recommend The Maryland Campaign of September 1862, Vol 1: South Mountain to any serious Civil War student or enthusiast. I'm certain you will find the book extremely interesting and enjoyable to read.” Read complete review and author interview

- Michael Noirot, This Mighty Scourge

“From reading the manuscript and Clemens's expert editing, one easily sees why modern Antietam scholars lean heavily upon Carman's pioneering work. One wishes all Civil War battlefields had been likewise gifted with such a worthy and dedicated veteran sponsor. Soon, with the completion of the pair of volumes comprising The Maryland Campaign of 1862, all readers will have easy and affordable access to a classic Civil War historiography, as well as a mammoth editorial project of significant scholarship in its own right.”

- Civil War Books and Authors

The Maryland Campaign of September 1862 is an excellent addition to college library and Civil War reference shelves, deserving the highest recommendation.”

- James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

“This publication is a major step in the history of Antietam. Bringing Carman and Clemens together produces a complete narrative. Together, they produced an in-depth study that will be the authority on this campaign.”

- Jim Durney, Civil War book reviewer

“Ezra Carman’s long-unpublished history of the 1862 Maryland Campaign is an essential source on the operations that produced the bloodiest day in American military history and largest surrender of U.S. troops before World War II and there is no one better qualified than Thomas Clemens to bring it to print. Not only does this volume make Carman’s study broadly accessible to students of the war, but Clemens’s many years studying the events of September 1862 and unmatched knowledge of Carman and his work enable him to skillfully and authoritatively explain and scrutinize Carman’s take on events. In addition to being a magnificent contribution to literature on the Civil War, this outstanding book will also advance the process of securing Clemens a place alongside Carman and Harsh in the pantheon of Maryland Campaign scholars. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

- Ethan S. Rafuse, author of McClellan’s War: The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union and Antietam, South Mountain, and Harpers Ferry: A Battlefield Guide

“The word ‘indispensable’ comes to mind whenever I think of the Carman manuscript, which I have used extensively in my own research. Carman’s work is unparalleled, a rich balance of history and firsthand accounts of one of the most significant campaigns of the Civil War. Tom Clemens has done a masterful job editing and annotating this manuscript, and his footnotes alone are worth the price of admission. Researchers and students of the war will be forever in his debt.”

- Bradley M. Gottfried, author of The Maps of Gettysburg, and a forthcoming atlas on the Maryland Campaign of 1862

“Tom Clemens has spent many long years poring over both the Carman manuscript and related letters and documents from other holdings to provide Civil War students with the most up-to-date version of Carman’s Maryland Campaign epic. The past few decades have witnessed the publication of thousands of books on the Civil War. Only a slim handful stand the test of time. I can confidently conclude that this volume will remain one of the most important of the genre ever to be published.”

- Ted Alexander, Historian, Antietam National Battlefield

The Maryland Campaign of September 1862, first written by Ezra Carman and now edited and annotated by Thomas G. Clemens, makes available one of the most important sources for those momentous days. It also brings together two experts — Carman, who fought at Antietam and spent his life studying the battle, and Dr. Clemens, a modern authority who fights today to preserve the battlefield that remains. It is simply first-rate.”

- Lance J. Herdegen, award-winning author of The Men Stood Like Iron: How the Iron Brigade Won Its Name and Those Damned Black Hats! The Iron Brigade in the Gettysburg Campaign

“At last, Dr. Thomas Clemens, a leading authority on the Maryland Campaign, has done a great service in finally bringing the Carman manuscript to life. Brilliantly and meticulously edited, The Maryland Campaign of September 1862 is, quite simply, a must-have book for anyone wishing to gain a thorough understanding of what was arguably the Civil War’s most significant campaign and one of its most important battles. Indeed, as far as must-haves go, this book is at the top of the list.”

- John David Hoptak, Park Ranger, Antietam National Battlefield, and author of First in Defense of the Union and Our Boys Did Nobly

“Ezra Carman dedicated much of his life to studying the Maryland Campaign, but to date only the most ardent students have been able to use it. Tom Clemens, today’s foremost Carman authority and one of the most knowledgeable historians of the operations in Maryland, has gone far beyond simply annotating Carman’s legacy work. Indeed, through his extensive notes Clemens has explained it. I have no doubt Ezra Carman would approve.”

- J. David Petruzzi, co-author of Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart’s Controversial Ride to Gettysburg and author of The Complete Gettysburg Guide

“Ezra Carman’s manuscript on the Antietam Campaign resided for years in his papers at the Library of Congress, a pure gem lying unread and unknown except to the most serious students of the campaign. Savas Beatie and Tom Clemens, one of the finest current authorities on the campaign, have thankfully rescued this splendid study from obscurity and improved it with Clemens superb annotations to Carman’s text. This is a book with depth and substance and one that anyone with an interest in the 1862 Maryland Campaign will want to read.”

- D. Scott Hartwig, Historian, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania