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The New Civil War Handbook

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Facts and Photos for Readers of All Ages

Mark Hughes

Format: Paperback, 168 pages
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-932714-62-3
eBook: 978-1-61121-043-9
On Sale: June 2009

147 photos and illustrations, 3 maps



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Table of Contents

Foreword and Acknowledgements

Why the Civil War, and Why Do We Study It?

Section 1: Facts

Naming the War

Civil War Voices

Did You Know? Interesting Facts about the Civil War

Civil War Soldiers Better Known for Other Achievements

Organization of the Armies

Section II: Images

The Civil War Begins

The Generals

The Soldiers

A Soldier’s Life

Battles and Battlefields

Technology and the War

Weapons of War

War on the Water

Caring for the Sick and Wounded/p>

Prisoners of War

Civilians Caught up in the War

Women and the War

African Americans and the War

The Civil War and Native Americans

The War Ends


Section III: Figures

Numbers and Losses (Overall)

Strength of the Union Army

Losses in Major Battles

Number of Engagements by State

Alternate Names of Battles

Troops Furnished by the Various States

Causes of Battle Wounds (Union)

Major Causes of Death (Union)

Principal Union Prisons (Peak Occupancies and Deaths)

Principal Confederate Prisons (Deaths)

Section IV: Miscellany

Alternate Names of Battles

Glossary of Civil War Terms

Civil War Points of Interest

Civil War Bookshelf

Civil War on the Web


Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes is an electronics instructor widely recognized as the authority on Civil War cemeteries. He has written several books, including...

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