Praise for The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbook

"The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbook is very attractively designed, contains useful information and maps, and is highly recommended for Gettysburg enthusiasts at all levels of knowledge."

- Michael T. Russert,
Civil War News

"It is an enjoyable and informative handbook for all readers and travelers to the battlefield."

- Rea Andrew Redd,
Civil War Librarian

"This is a perfect book for an introduction to the battle no matter the age of the reader. Highly recommended!"

- Robert Redd,
Confederate Book Review

"The authors have an uncanny ability to hit the "sweet spot" with their Gettysburg books. This book is a great value as an introduction or a reminder."

- Jim Durney,
Suncoast Civil War Roundtable

"The New Gettysburg Campaign Handbook is an indispensable and valuable guide that combines fabulous graphics, photography, and detailed maps with a crisp, lucid text that will delight scholars, history buffs, and battlefield trampers alike. Another 'must-have' winner from Savas Beatie!"

- Scott L. Mingus, Sr.,
author of Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Confederate Expedition to the Susquehanna River, June 1863

"This convenient, 184-page paperback is packed full of photos, maps and quick info on the war's signature campaign and the principals involved. Five sections cover everything from the respective armies' movements to tips on the visiting the area today. Nothing too deep here, just a good quick and dirty guide for vets and beginners alike. Perfect for tossing in the backpack for a day in the field."

- Harry Smeltzer,
in America's Civil War