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The Wars Against Napoleon - Reading Guide

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Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars

General Michel Franceschi
and Ben Weider

Format: Hardcover, 264 pages
Price: $32.95
ISBN: 978-1932714-37-1
eBook: 978-1-61121-029-3
On Sale: December 2007

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Reading Book Guide

The Wars Against Napoleon: Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars, by General Michel Franceschi and Ben Weider

Popular and scholarly history presents a one-dimensional image of Napoleon as an inveterate instigator of war who repeatedly sought large-scale military conquests. General Franceschi and Ben Weider dismantle this false conclusion in The Wars Against Napoleon, a study that turns our understanding of the French emperor on its head. We hope these thought-provoking questions lead to some lively book discussions.

  1. Why does history sometimes show Napoleon as a dictator?
  2. Why are the wars that Napoleon was obligated to fight known as "The Napoleonic Wars?"
  3. Who was responsible for creating these wars and why did they occur?
  4. What were Napoleon's reasons for fighting these wars, which became known as "The Napoleonic Wars"?
  5. How do we know that "The Napoleonic Wars" were not created by Napoleon? Provide specific examples from the authors.
  6. How do we know for sure that these wars were created by the reactionary kings of Europe?
  7. We know that England paid the various reactionary kings in order to form seven different coalitions against France. What was their purpose and the results?
  8. What were some of the causes of the wars? Cite specific examples from the text.
  9. What are the sources of information that prove "The Napoleonic Wars" were not really started by Napoleon?
  10. When Palestine was divided into an Arab and Jewish country in 1947, Israel was very small. The Arab countries that surrounded Israel didn't accept this decision of the United Nations and attacked Israel several times from 1947 to this period. Every time, by defending itself, Israel defeated the Arab countries and by doing so, enlarged their territory. Today Israel is larger than in 1947 and obtained additional land to protect itself. Compare this modern day event to the Napoleonic situation.

General Michel Franceschi

General Michel Franceschi began his military career in 1951 at the officer's school at Saint-Cyr and concluded it in 1990 in the rank of Général de Corps Armée (General of Corps). Read More...

Ben Weider

Doctor Ben Weider, a businessman of world-wide stature, built an industrial empire at the head of the International Federation of Body Building, which he founded and over which he presided for decades. Read More...

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