Praise for One Continuous Fight

"This is 'the rest of the story' that has been forgotten about when discussing the Gettysburg Campaign. The retreat from Gettysburg and the skirmishes that followed are just as interesting as any day of the three day battle at Gettysburg."

- The Lone Star Book Review

"Beyond being an excellent read, wargamers will find this book is a GOLDMINE for potential scenarios. . . . This is an excellent book and one that should be in the library of every American Civil War buff---one of my favorite books this past year!"

- Historical Miniature Gaming

"This is entertaining, thoughtful, and well-presented history, and is a fitting tribute to the soldiers of both armies. [One Continuous Fight] is probably the most original, complete, and exciting history of this frequently overlooked period of the Civil War."

- William D. Bushnell, USMC Col. (Ret.) Civil War Book Review

"One Continuous Fight is a welcome addition to our understanding of the Civil War's most pivotal battle."

– Col. Cole C. Kingseed, USA Ret.,
Army Magazine

". . . an excellent military history of the fighting following Gettysburg and the problems in the pursuit."

– Civil War Courier, 2/2009

". . . An excellent addition to the literature on Gettysburg."

– Al Nofi, New York Military Affairs Symposium

"It is fair to say that [Wittenberg, Petruzzi, and Nugent] have combed the countryside more thoroughly than Albert Jenkins’ cavalry to bring their readers scores of previously unpublished soldier accounts of the retreat and extensive fighting encompassed within it… [This book] is one of the most original, most deeply researched, and one of the most scholarly works to come out on the Civil War in many years."

- Ted Alexander,
Chief Historian, Antietam National Battlefield and Gettysburg Retreat expert

"Wittenberg, Petruzzi, and Nugent have brought together an impressive array of primary materials, so that much of the action unfolds in the words of those who were there… The authors of this book have taken the time and care to get the story right and the tour directions correct; I encourage you to take full advantage of both."

- Noah Andre Trudeau,
Historian and Author

"All serious students of the Gettysburg campaign will want to read One Continuous Fight. Battle descriptions are well researched and clearly written, and the supporting analysis is both evenhanded and based on realistic assessments of the military possibilities. This contribution to the Gettysburg literature is abundantly worthwhile."

- Andrew Wagenhoffer,
Civil War Book Reviewer

"Those with an interest in the critical 10 days after the Battle of Gettysburg will welcome this essentially eyewitness account based on voluminous personal descriptions and recollections. One Continuous Fight should be at the top of everyone’s Civil War shopping list."

- Tim Ryan,
The Washington Times

"If I were to make one accolade alone, I would mention this book as the best effort of this year . . ."

- Daniel Allen,
Midwest Book Review

". . . one becomes engrossed in the tale to learn specifics of how the known outcome of the escape of Lee's army happened. One Continuous Fight is popular history at its best--simultaneously engaging and educating."

- Henry Berry,
Midwest Book Review