Table of Contents

Foreword by Ted Alexander

Preface by Noah Andre Trudeau

Introduction and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1: A Vast Sea of Misery: The Wagon Train of the Wounded

Chapter 2: The Retreat of the Main Confederate Army Begins

Chapter 3: July 4: The Midnight Fight in the Monterey Pass

Chapter 4: Meade’s Pursuit Begins

Chapter 5: The Confederates Garrison Williamsport

Chapter 6: July 6: The Battle of Hagerstown

Chapter 7: July 6: The Battle for Williamsport

Chapter 8: July 7: In Full Pursuit

Chapter 9: July 7: Skirmish at the College of St. James and the First Battle of Funkstown

Chapter 10: July 8: Heavy Fighting at Beaver Creek Bridge and Boonsboro

Chapter 11: July 9: Sniping Along the Lines

Chapter 12: July 10: The Second Battle of Funkstown

Chapter 13: July 11: The Armies Jockey for Position

Chapter 14: July 12: The Second Battle of Hagerstown

Chapter 15: July 13: A Frustrating Day Spent Waiting

Chapter 16: July 14: The Crossings at Williamsport and Falling Waters

Chapter 17: The Federal Advance and Aftermath



Appendix A: Driving Tour: The Retreat from Gettysburg

Appendix B: Driving Tour: The Wagon Train of the Wounded

Appendix C: Order of Battle