Praise for Protecting the Flank at Gettysburg

"Wittenberg's study makes the case that Union cavalry had a tremendous effect on the course of the titanic battle, and should be required reading for anyone with an interest in Gettysburg."

- J. David Petruzzi,
award-winning author of The Complete Gettysburg Guide

"Well written and easy to use as a guide, this book is both informative and entertaining."

- Rea Andrew Redd, Civil War Librarian blog

"This is as much a new book as it is a new edition and it should be in your library."

- Jim Durney, Suncoast Civil War Roundtable

"Wittenberg has produced an insightful and balanced account of these important actions. I highly recommend this work and look forward to his next effort."

- Joseph Truglio, Civil War News

". . . Wittenberg has produced a masterful battle book complete with a unique narrative, maps, historiographical debate, and a driving tour. . . . Anyone interested in Gettysburg will benefit from this deeper dive into one of the countless duels that make up this battle."

- The Civil War Monitor

"Wittenberg has proven that there is always more to write about Gettysburg and that the subject never dulls even one hundred and fifty years after the event."

- Matthew Bartlett,