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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements

Foreword by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schhlhter

Introduction by Derek Williams

Romans and Germans

The History of the Times


1. 1987: The First Find

2. July 1987: Alt Barenau

3. 1987-1988: The Search Continues

4. Early April, 9 AD: Regrouping at Haltern

5. A Lump of Gold

6. The Mask

7. 1990: The Summer Months

8. May, 9 AD: The Lost Reconnaissance Patrol

9. 9 AD-Summer Camp at Minden

10. Hannover and the Weser Silver Bullion, 1990

11. Tilting at Windmills

12. 1991-1992: Impasse and Breakthrough

13. Summer, 9 AD: The Gathering of the Tribes


14. 9 AD: Aspirations and Judgments at Minden

15. Summer Camp, 9 AD: A New Day

16. Early Autumn, 9 AD: Departure from Minden

17. September, 9 AD: The Sacking of the Outposts

18. Into the Teutoburger Forest: The Varusschlacht Begins

19. Varus' Last Lager at Felsenfeld

20. Kalkriese: The Last Eagle

Aftermath: From the Mists of Time to the Present

Postscript by Christian Jaletzke

Afterword by Arnold J. Koelpin

Keyword Glossary

Geographic References

The Historians

Sequence of Events

Roman Forts and Lagers