Praise for Resisting Sherman

"The detail which both the author and the editor put into this work is fantastic. . . . Resisting Sherman fills in the gaps which other historians have ignored over the years. . . . and is welcomed in the realm of Civil War academia."

- Gettysburg Chronicle

"It is a shame that Confederate Surgeon Francis Marion Robertson did not keep his diary for the entire war or that earlier diaries were lost. His clear writing is easy to read and understand."

- Civil War News

"Thomas H. Robertson's book about the Civil War diary of his great-great-grandfather, Dr. Francis Marion Robertson, reveals the intricacies of war as could only be told by one who was in the middle of it. The diary, written over a three month period leading up to the evacuation of Charleston at the end of the war, describes the daily ordeals of a surgeon while the author provides in-depth footnotes that supply even more information. The book is an enjoyable read and should be added to every Civil War enthusiast's library."

- William J. Morton, MD, author of The Story of Georgia’s Boundaries

"Robertson's diary is an excellent chronicle of the last days of the war in the Carolinas from the eyes of a Confederate surgeon. As Robertson makes his way across South Carolina and into North Carolina in front of William T. Sherman's invading army, he provides vivid insights into the places along his route. His story brings alive the trials of a people trying to cope with everyday life as the Confederacy slowly disintegrated around them. Thomas H. Robertson's skillful editing makes the story come alive. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the social conditions in the Carolinas in early 1865 and the Confederate army's closing battle for independence."

- Anne J. Bailey, author of The Chessboard of War: Sherman and Hood in the Autumn of 1864 and War and Ruin: William T. Sherman and the Savannah Campaign and editor of Society of Civil War Historians Newsletter

"Coming from the pen of a fascinating American character and written as the Confederacy teetered on the brink of destruction, Francis Marion Robertson's journal provides unique perspective and fresh insight into an often neglected episode of the Civil War. Tom Robertson delivers a wealth of supplemental detail and heretofore unpublished images that make Resisting Sherman more than just a valuable contribution to our historical narrative. Resisting Sherman conveys Dr. Robertson's personal sense of urgency over military, political, and family matters in a poignant account that is eminently readable and satisfying."

- C. L. Bragg, MD, author of Crescent Moon over Carolina: William Moultrie and American Liberty and co-author of Never for Want of Powder: The Confederate Powder Works in Augusta, Georgia