Praise for Robert E. Lee in War and Peace

"The author has done a most impressive job of accurately portraying the general's photographic history, while linking it to the early development of portrait photography in America."

- The Journal of America’s Military Past

"This is an iconic revelation. In decades of photographic research, I have never seen several of these Lee images. Equally impressive is the background research that Hopkins employs to provide context and enriched meaning to each image. His work deserves to be acclaimed a milestone in Lee biography as well as in the broader field of Civil War photographic history."

- William C. Davis, award-winning Civil War author, Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, Virginia Tech

"Recommended for all collectors of early photographs: it contains much information they will find useful. For students and admirers of Robert E. Lee, the many photographs will make this book precious."

- Civil War News

“With the publication of Robert E. Lee in War and Peace: Photographs of a Confederate and American Icon, Donald Hopkins has accomplished an unprecedented and noteworthy feat; he has published every known photograph of Robert E. Lee in a single volume. The value of Hopkins' work is anchored in its comprehensiveness. It’s a terrific browsing book, but for those who want more than that, Hopkins has provided an exhaustive examination of each image, where it came from, the photographer who took it, and all that is currently known about it. By being able to examine the full visual array of known images of Lee in a single, fascinating volume, history buffs and Lee devotees alike will gain a better sense of one of the most idolized men in American history.”

- Bob Zeller, President and Co-Founder, The Center for Civil War Photography

“In his Robert E. Lee in War and Peace, Dr. Donald Hopkins has transformed what had once been familiar images cloaked in mystery into a clean and painstakingly researched chronology of the famous Confederate general and his photographers. A compelling and fascinating read.”

- Ann Drury Wellford, Manager of Photographic Services, Museum of the Confederacy

" 'Men are like wagons! They rattle most when there is nothing in them!' So states an archaic filler-article published in a Southern newspaper in late 1860. Robert Edward Lee, Virginian, husband, father, and military officer who served both the U.S.A. and C.S.A., never rattled. Unlike many other officers of both sides in the wake of The War Between the States (aka The Civil War) Lee never penned an autobiography and the absence of those several hundred pages of words has amplified his legacy to a deafening crescendo since his death in 1870. Even after graduating from West Point, the only cadet to ever do so without a single demerit, he put his faith in God alone to judge his worth at the end of days. Across the chasm of time many individual books and some solidly-researched sets of works have documented his life. Each typically present the reader with various pen-pictures of General Lee’s life and several photographic profiles have been published as well. Each of these books is admirable in its own unique way, but this new work by Dr. Donald A. Hopkins marks the first time that every known image of General Lee, throughout his entire life, has been brought together between the covers of a singular book."

“Hopkins, the experienced physician and historian that he is, patiently, analytically, and creatively has woven together the first true definitive collection of “likenesses” of Lee in both war and peace. Each image is accompanied with solidly-researched documentary. This book should be standard in the library of every individual and public repository with any interest in General Lee and the “late unpleasantness” of 1861-1865. Readers may be purposely or accidentally mislead by text in some books, but it is hard to be deluded when staring at the honest, unpretentious face of the subject presented.”

- H. Grady Howell, Jr., Historian, Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History, Author of 19 books

Lee in War and Peace is the most scholarly and serious book on Lee and photography since the pioneer work by Roy Meredith in 1947. It offers much new information on every picture of the supreme great gentleman Lee, including each photo and its maker. An exciting new work which will stand for many years as the best book on this subject.”

- Dr. John O’Brien, contributor to Encyclopedia of the Confederacy (1993) and Mary Chestnut's A Diary from Dixie (2012)

“This book will blow you away with a rich history lesson of both a great General and of photography.”

- San Francisco Book Review

"As the first comprehensive study of the photographs of General Lee in over 60 years, this is a treasure trove of valuable information. An exhaustive bibliography of more that a hundred sources provide avenues for additional reading and research. This book is a valuable addition to the body of Civil War literature."

- Civil War Courier