Praise for The Second Day at Gettysburg

"Gettysburg aficionado will want to add this book to their collection, and Civil War readers in general will appreciate the high level of research and discourse."

- The Civil War Monitor

"An in-depth historical and military analysis of American Civil War’s largest and bloodiest battle. . . . highly recommended for public and college library Civil War shelves, as well as for personal edification."

- Midwest Book Review

"This study is compellingly written and meticulously researched, making use of an incredible number of primary and secondary sources."

- Civil War News

"This new book on the fascinating events that occurred along the Union center on July 2, 1863 by authors David L. Shultz and Scott Mingus Sr. is the most detailed tactical account of decision-making, leadership, and raw courage published to date. The intensity of the action and eye-level perspective of The Second Day at Gettysburg will transport readers back to that battlefield, where muskets bark and cannons roar. After reading the multitude of personal stories threaded into the narrative, one might ask, 'Would I have done so well had I been there?' Long overlooked, this well-researched study is an important addition to any Civil War or Gettysburg bookshelf."

- Eric J. Wittenberg, award-winning author of "The Devil’s to Pay": John Buford at Gettysburg and Gettysburg's Forgotten Cavalry Actions

"Much has been written about the southern end of the battlefield on Gettysburg's second day (the bloodiest of the three), but surprisingly little about the attack and defense of the Union center on Cemetery Ridge. Here, finally, is the deeply researched and scholarly presentation it has long deserved. Devotees of battlefield minutia will delight at the level of coverage, from the arrival of the armies and Captain Johnston's early-morning reconnaissance that set General Lee's plan in motion, to the myriad decisions, movements, and operations on both sides that led to the massive assault itself (which is covered in breathtaking detail) and the heroic Union defense. What makes this study especially unique is the authors' grasp of the terrain, and how it and the physical features of the field (roads, buildings, fences, etc.) dictated decision-making, tactics, and ultimately, the outcome. The dozens of excellent original maps and photos make this perfect for armchair readers or as a narrative to take right onto the battlefield itself."

- J. David Petruzzi, award-winning author of The Complete Gettysburg Guide and The Gettysburg Campaign in Numbers and Losses (with Steven Stanley)

"TThe fighting on July 2 along the Federal center continues to fascinate readers. What would have been the battle's outcome if Anderson's Confederate attack had been able to break Hancock's defense? Of course, we will never know (or agree upon) the answer, but Shultz and Mingus in their new The Second Day at Gettysburg have provided plenty of fresh information, insight, and fascinating terrain details, along with many personal human interest stories, to give Gettysburg's students ammunition to continue the debate."

- James A. Hessler, award-winning author of Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg (with Wayne E. Motts) and Sickles at Gettysburg