Introduction and Acknowledgments

Chapter One: Up From Virginia

Chapter Two: One Mistake Begets Another

Chapter Three: July 1: The Battle is Joined

Chapter Four: July 1: Union Collapse

Chapter Five: Evening, July 1: Lee Reconnoiters and Meade Makes a Stand

Chapter Six: Night, July 1-2: The Army of the Potomac Comes Together

Chapter Seven: Early Morning, July 2: The Pendleton-Johnston Reconnaissance

Chapter Eight: Morning, July 2: Preparations

Chapter Nine: Morning, July 2: Fighting on the Bliss Farm

Chapter Ten: Morning, July 2: Union Uncertainties Across the Front

Chapter Eleven: Noon, July 2: A "Mostly Insignificant Affair" Shapes the Battle

Chapter Twelve: Afternoon, July 2: The March and Final Preparations

Chapter Thirteen: Late Afternoon, July 2: Longstreet Attacks Sickles' Salient

Chapter Fourteen: Late Afternoon, July 2: Wilcox Joins Longstreet's Attack

Chapter Fifteen: Early Evening, July 2: Wilcox, Lang, and Wright Attack the Emmitsburg Road Line

Chapter Sixteen: Early Evening, July 2: Confederate Flood Tide

Chapter Seventeen: Early Evening, July 2: The Confederate Flood Tide Recedes

Chapter Eighteen: Evening, July 2: Union Victory on Cemetery Ridge

Aftermath of July 2: The Cost of Combat