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Praise for Silent Sentinels

"Silent Sentinels gives even the most casual reader some very good insight about the artillery used, as well as a background of the battle and tour guide to the battlefield... Reading this book will inspire you to visit the battlefield."

- Gettysburg Times

"This is a worthy study and a great read for the serious enthusiast or the interested novice. A valuable work on Civil War artillery and its critical use on the battlefield."

- Terry Latschar,
Park Ranger, Gettysburg National Military Park

"An excellent, thoroughly researched and focused reference."

- Midwest Book Review

"This book is a must-have for both the buff and the causal student of the Battle of Gettysburg--it is a complete yet concise reference book on the artillery used in the battle by both sides. A terrific reference tool!"

- Sue Boardman,
Licensed Battlefield Guide,
Gettysburg National Military Park

"If you like iron and thunder and want a book that will blow you away, then look no further as this is a must have book for your library."

- Ed Porter,
The Lone Star