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Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Along the Rivers

Chapter 2: Lincoln Takes a Hand

Chapter 3: Breaking the River Barriers

Chapter 4: General Halleck Intervenes

Chapter 5: The Armies Gather

Chapter 6: The March to Shiloh

Chapter 7: Surprise

Chapter 8: Around Shiloh Church

Chapter 9: The Battle Spreads

Chapter 10: The Crossroads

Chapter 11: The Hornet's Nest

Chapter 12: Retreat

Chapter 13: Last Stand.

Chapter 14: Buell, Grant, and Beauregard

Chapter 15: Victory?

Chapter 16: Corinth

Appendix 1: Organization of the Confederate Army

Appendix 2: Organization of the Union Army

Appendix 3: Casualties at the Battle of Shiloh

Appendix 4: Photo Tour of Shiloh