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Sickles at Gettysburg - Praise

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The Controversial Civil War General Who Committed Murder, Abandoned Little Round Top, and Declared Himself the Hero of Gettysburg

James A. Hessler

Format: Hardcover, 504 pages
Price: $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-932714-64-7
eBook: 978-1-611210-45-3
On Sale: June 2009; SOLD OUT!

Format: Paperback, 504 pages
Price: $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-932714-84-5
eBook: 978-1-611210-45-3
On Sale: March 2010

39 b/w photos, 6 maps, order of battle, biblio, endnotes, index

WINNER: 2009 Bachelder-Coddington Literary Award

WINNER: 2009 Gettysburg Round Table’s Distinguished Book Award

FINALIST: 2009 Army Historical Foundation's Distinguished Writing Award, Biography

James A. Hessler's book is a balanced and entertaining account of Sickles' colorful life. Civil War enthusiasts who want to understand General Sickles' . . . Read More


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Praise for Sickles at Gettysburg

"This book is a good read. It is highly recommended to CAMP members with an interest in the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg and for those who appreciate the combination of top-notch biography and military history."

- Tom Phillips, Book Review Editor, The Journal of America's Military Past

"Sickles at Gettysburg will reward those readers who want a clearer picture of the controversy . . ."

- Michael Burkhimer, Lincoln Herald

"After reading Sickles at Gettysburg, there should not be any questions concerning Sickles' motives and actions on July 2. This is the seminal work on those matters and the postwar debate concerning the battle, and it should remain so for a long time."

- Michael Russert, Civil War News

"Today’s Books puts Sickles at Gettysburg on the A-List!"

- Today's Books

"Jim Hessler has done a masterful job of telling Sickles' story. There have been other biographies about Sickles, but none does nearly as good a job of explaining his important role in the Civil War. Using a myriad of first person accounts, Hessler has skillfully produced a very readable and accurate story of Sickles' activities. The several chapters on the Gettysburg Campaign are especially compelling, and are among the best I have ever read. Hessler tells the story from a neutral point of view, letting the reader form his or her own judgments. This book belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in the Civil War."

- Brad Gottfried, author of The Maps of Gettysburg

"The few other Sickles biographies available will now take a back seat to Hessler’s powerful and evocative study of the man, the general, and the legacy of the Gettysburg battlefield that old Dan left America. I highly recommend this book."

- J. David Petruzzi, co-author of Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride to Gettysburg (2006) and with Steve Stanley The Complete Gettysburg Guide (2009)

"A rare combination in one historical work — scholarly research and objectivity as well as an entertaining read. Hessler’s organized approach deftly navigates the difficult and often contradictory primary accounts and quotes. The author’s detailed analysis provides the serious student of the war an outstanding reference source for a controversial yet very influential man before, during, and after Gettysburg. With keen insight, Hessler shows a resilient individual with capabilities enough to re-invent himself – from politician to army general. This work is the best one-stop, comprehensive, and objective analysis to date. It is definitely a “must have."

- George W. Newton, Licensed Battfield Guide, GNMP; author of Silent Sentinels, A Reference Guide to the Artillery at Gettysburg

"This book is a breath of fresh air — it is an objective, thorough and readable examination of the controversial general. Hessler avoids getting bogged down in extreme reactions typically seen in others who write on this subject."

- Sue Boardman, Licensed Battfield Guide, GNMP; Leadership Program Coordinator, Gettysburg Foundation; and author of The Battle of Gettysburg Cyclorama: A History and Guide

"One of the most colorful figures associated with the Battle of Gettysburg, Daniel Edgar Sickles has long been the topic of discussion and controversy. As a Licensed Battlefield Guide, Hessler provides us fresh and balanced view of the flamboyant General."

- Tim Smith, Licensed Battfield Guide, GNMP; Adams County Historical Society; and author of Devil's Den: A History and Guide










James A. Hessler

James A. Hessler works in the financial services industry and is a Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg National Military Park. He has taught Sickles and Gettysburg-related courses for Harrisburg Area Community College and the Gettysburg Foundation. Read More...

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