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Praise for Surviving Military Separation: A 365-Day Activity Guide for the Families of Deployed Personnel

“This book is fantastic. My wife could have used this while I was deployed. I’m glad it’s here for the Service Member’s families today. It will definitely help pass the time”.

- Floyd Richardson

“Marc Maxwell has nailed it. The military community needs a book like this. Every family member of a deployed Service Member deserves to have their own copy”.

- Csaba L. Kofalvi
CSM USA (Ret.)

“Very Creative. Why it has taken so long for this type of book to be published is beyond me. It is a much needed book for the military community”.

- Dean Strosahl,
Veteran of Desert Shield/Storm

“Marc Maxwell has created a user friendly tool that will help family members cope with the deployment of their loved ones”.

- Hillary Bailey
Spouse of Military Service Member

“This book is not just for spouses. Girlfriends, boyfriends, cousins, aunts, uncles, ext. can benefit from this activity book”.

- SGT Arthur Howard
US Army
Veteran: Operation Iraqi Freedom

"Separation from a loved one is difficult. Mr. Maxwell's book will help those at home focus on positive activities while awaiting their loved one's return."

- Meghan Brady
Bronze Star Medal recipient
Veteran: OIF
Military Spouse

“This is a wonderful positive approach to the daily challenges of separation and loneliness. The innovative creative style helps combat idleness which compounds into depression”.

- Frankie Nielsen, Ed.D.
Counseling Psychology

"Having been away from my loved ones during a 13-month deployment to Kuwait, I understand the importance of Mr. Maxwell's activity book. This will prove to be a invaluable tool for those left to mainatin the homefront. This book is not just for families of military service members, but also for relatives of Department of Defense and other contractors supporting our troops downrange".

- Elizabeth Spring
Military Contractor

"Also a great book for families being separated by Basic Training or Boot Camp. Many times, this is the first military separation for a couple and some families are not prepared. Maxwell's book will prepare you".

- Jordin Martinez
U.S. Navy

"Separations are a reality for military families and Surviving Military Separation takes a proactive approach in helping those on the homefront tackle the inevitable challenges of loneliness by providing positive, creative, and fun things to do 365 days/year. This book would be especially helpful to a brand new military spouse dealing with her/his first deployment."

- Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer,
authors of Help! I'm A Military Spouse: I Get A Life Too! How to Craft A Life for YOU As You Move With the Military, 2007 Potomac Books