Praise for "Stand to It and Give Them Hell"

"A stirring narrative of the common soldier's experiences on the southern end of the battlefield on the second day of fighting at Gettysburg . . . packed with great information and wonderful anecdotes. The author's capacity as a researcher is quite impressive as even a cursory glance through his bibliography will attest, and his devotion to primary stories is clearly demonstrated."

- Civil War News

"This book brings to the forefront individuals whose stories were lost in the pages of unit histories and small run memoirs published long ago. . . . hearing about the battle from the perspective of the soldiers involved is well worth it."

- Civil War Monitor

"Priest's research is exhaustive, the maps are excellent, and his writing style makes for enjoyable and informative reading."

- Civil War News

"Priest has given us something which I hope will become a classic in the years to come. I cannot recommend this book enough."

- Gettysburg Chronicle

"'Stand to it and Give Them Hell!"' puts a human face on the second day of the nation's epic Civil War battle. It is easy to forget that soldiers are not cardboard figures, but real fathers, sons, brothers, friends, and neighbors, all caught up in a conflict of unexpected magnitude. Often these men are weary or hungry, frightened, in pain, or unbelievably brave. Mike Priest has taken a familiar story and somehow made it fresh and new. It is simply first-rate."

- Lance J. Herdegen, award-winning author of The Iron Brigade in Civil War and Memory: The Black Hats from Bull Run to Appomattox and Thereafter

"This remarkable new book uses the writings of individual officers and soldiers on both sides to relate the horrible combat they witnessed on Cemetery Ridge and the Union left on second day at Gettysburg. Priest's distinctive style is rife with anecdotes, many drawn from obscure diaries and letters, artfully stitched together in an original manner. Readers will witness the passion and bravery of these men and their units during the ebb and flow of battle, together with the awful wounds and suffering they endured. What was it really like to fight at Gettysburg? Read this intensely personal narrative, complete with scores of original maps to carefully follow the action, and you will find out."

- David G. Martin, author of Gettysburg July 1, and co-author (with John W. Busey) of Regimental Strengths and Losses at Gettysburg

"John Priest has earned the reputation for his remarkable research that reaches deep into the past to find the voices of ordinary men engulfed in the maelstrom of combat. Just when it seems every nook and cranny of the Gettysburg battlefield has been explored, Priest brings new voices to the surface, reminding us that no single grand narrative can capture the incredible range of experiences and emotions felt between July 1 and 3, 1863. "Stand to It and Give Them Hell!" demonstrates Priest's remarkable ability to take the reader to the ground level of the Civil War."

- Peter S. Carmichael, Gettysburg College, and the author of Lee's Young Artillerist: William R. J. Pegram