Praise for Calamity at Chancellorsville

“Any Stonewall Jackson aficionado should have this work on their bookshelf. Highly Recommended!”

- Matthew Bartlett, Gettysburg Chronicle

“The definitive book on the last days of Stonewall Jackson.”

- Frank A. O’Reilly, author of The Fredericksburg Campaign: Winter War on the Rappahannock

“The fatally wounded body of Stonewall Jackson has generated more controversy among historians than any of his famous military campaigns, and Mathew Lively dissects the events surrounding the general’s wounding and his medical care with surgical precision. Much of the established knowledge about Stonewall Jackson’s final days comes under question because of Lively’s microcosmic inspection of remarkable source material and research. Calamity at Chancellorsville gives us new angles from which to observe a deadly moment in Confederate history, one that is infused with high drama and intense action.”

- Peter S. Carmichael, Fluhrer Professor, Gettysburg College

Calamity at Chancellorsville is welcomed to the Stonewall Jackson bookshelf, reminding us that even when we think we know it all, we probably don’t.”

- Civil War News

“Stonewall Jackson’s wounding at Chancellorsville is one of the pivotal dramas of the Civil War. Dr. Mathew Lively is uniquely qualified to explore this tragic tale. Blending meticulous research and sparkling prose with the eye of a physician, Lively offers a fresh and compelling account of Jackson’s last days in Calamity at Chancellorsville. In the process he humanizes the blue-eyed warrior, revealing valuable new insight on the cause of his death.”

- W. Hunter Lesser, author of Rebels at the Gate

"This book provides readers with a crisp narrative of events and two excellent, analytical appendices. Lively fulfills his purpose, and Calamity at Chancellorsville will be a launching pad for future research into the life and memory of Stonewall Jackson."

- Civil War Monitor